By Gondor44646
12/8/2010 11:05:21 PM
It's been awhile...

I feel very depressed.

I'm almost 21. I don't really care about a mission anymore, or life really.

It's not about my problem anymore, it probably never was.

What is my motivation? What makes me happy? Because I am miserable.. And the only thing I want, is to be happy. And my plan of happiness is not working...

Words can not describe all the thoughts and feelings in my mind. I think I first started coming here back when I was 17... Which doesn't have to mean anything... I lack purpose and meaning. I go to work, and go back home and sleep.

Every day I'm left empty, my progression is gone. I don't know what the purpose of life is, and I wonder if I should still be alive...



"I have always kind of thought of you as a little brother. Ironically, I find myself feeling exactly as you are feeling right now. I don't know if I am necessarily suicidal but I can't find the motivation to do ANYTHING lately. It has been weeks since I attended a meeting. I know I am depressed but I just don't know or don't care enough to do something about it. I am telling you this to let you know that you are not alone. There is someone out there who is feeling a lot of the same things. I won't give up if you don't. I should probably see a doctor. Have you been to one? Maybe some anti-depressants would help. I don't know. Hang in there, my friend."
posted at 23:24:01 on December 8, 2010 by Anonymous
I'll cut straight to the point...    
"Gondor, you are a child of God.

That means you are made to do what God does, to be like him. It is the only thing that will ever make you truly, eternally happy.

And what exactly is it that God does? He SERVES. He thinks constantly about others. His work and his glory is bringing to pass the eternal life and immortality of others (us!). And he tells us that the thing that will be of most worth to us is to preach the gospel--to serve.

I believe the greatest happiness in life comes from SERVICE, MISSIONARY WORK (which is service), and FAMILY (which includes complete service and missionary work, if you do it right). We can never be happy with our selfish selves. True happiness comes only be devoting ourselves to God, which is accomplished by devoting ourselves to serving his children. When we are in their service, we are in his service.

Service is not something we endure in this life in order to make it to the celestial kingdom, says Marion G. Romney, service is the very fiber of what an exalted life in the celestial kingdom is made.

Therefore, if you are not happy, if you are having a "speed bump" day, look around you for someone to serve--your parents, your siblings, your neighbors. Ask for a church calling and SERVE! Tutor someone else. Help someone move. And definitely set your sites on a mission, which will be of INCREDIBLE worth towards making your life better.

Finally, if you are truly questioning the value of life itself, you should see a doctor and ask about depression medication. If you already have medication, tell your doctor it isn't working.

posted at 23:30:00 on December 8, 2010 by BeClean
"Sweet Gandor,


You do not need to fight this addiction, your need to surrender it to our Father in Heaven who is right beside you right now waiting. He is ready and waiting to fight it for you because that is what he does. Then you can think about doing all of the necessary things to understand who you are and what amazing stuff you were put on the earth to do. I know, you don't see it now, but stick around and you will. HE LOVES YOU THE SAME IN OR OUT OF YOUR ADDICTION. That is something that never changes.

It is near impossible to treat addiction when there is a dispoder or mental illness. It will help to unmuddy the waters, or clear the clouds first. Medications are not evil, they are from God. It is the Devil who does not want you to get help. The Devil hates you and loves your pain. Do what is necessary. I am a mom of a youg man just like you (his name is preemie on this blog) and I promise, the world would end for your family who loves you more than life itself, if you were to die. They may not always show it, fear and pain get in the way, but trust me they love you.

You need a friend to call and if you would like to email me at, I will have my son (20 yrs old and understands you 100%) email, text or call you. You cannot do this alone. God does not expect that. You are part of an Army who needs the armor necessary to win. You need a sword to cut off Satan's Head. That sword is the light of Christ!

Going to bed now, but before I do, I am on my knees pleading for you and asking for millions of Angels to see you through the night and walk with you all day tomorrow, just to give you a break. Look for them, they always come when I ask :). That is just how kind your Father in Heaven is.

posted at 00:40:54 on December 9, 2010 by angelmom
I've been there    
"I was suicidal for a while at one point, and in the last couple years I've gone through times where if someone told me the building was about to be bombed, I'm not sure I would have run out of the building. I'm on mood stabilizers now, and they make ALL the difference in the world. I tried to get off one of them a couple of times, but every time I do the depression comes back. I have at times in the past gone off the meds without letting my psychiatrist know, but I'm convinced now that I need the meds. I think I'm past feeling like there's something wrong with me for needing them. I highly reccommend getting evaluated for depression and investigating getting medication. On the med combo I'm on now, I've been happier than ever before. When stuff goes wrong I still get a little depressed, but it's managable.

Hang in there. It get's better."
posted at 02:30:32 on December 9, 2010 by dstanley

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