The Temple
By TennesseeGal
3/16/2010 10:40:14 PM
Last weekend we had a stake temple day that I was excited for me and my husband to attend. The night before, my husband informs me that he had a slip up with masturbation and pornography and could not go. I was really bummed!

I had a great time at the temple. The spirit was very comforting. I ran into two of my best girlfriends and their husbands. Of course they asked where my husband was. I explained he was working (which was true, since it was 4:00 in the afternoon). However, later on in the temple I reflected on that same thought "Where is he?"

When I got home I hugged him and he asked me how my day went. I said "I really missed you today" and I surprised myself when I started to cry.

I explained that while the temple was joyous, it was not complete without him there. It made me sad that I could go to a place that he could not. I want to see him worthy to go to the temple as well as be with him forever.

I think I understand for once how badly Heavenly Father wants us all to make it. How eternity will not be as fun if it's without our loved ones.

My husband said "I will be there next time. I promise."


"Your husband is very blessed to have such an understanding and supportive wife to help him through this difficult time. As I read your post I saw a Christ like example in how you responded to the trials that are not just in your husband's life, but in your your life as well. May we all be so loving and compassionate towards our fellow brothers and sisters."
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— Larry W. Gibbons

General Conference October 2006