Difficult day...
By j89
2/24/2010 10:26:03 PM
Today I had quite a difficult day. It started out normal like always and as the day progressed I felt Satan trying to tempt me to masturbate and watch porn since no one was home. He has tried this on me before and I fell into the temptation. But this time I just ignored the temptations but he kept trying to tempt me more and more and I still ignored it but it got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore.
I started praying for help and to take the temptations away and when I got near the end of my prayer I didn't feel tempted anymore. I didn't fall because I was given strength through prayer and reading my scriptures. I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me strength to overcome my addiction. I don't want to sin but I don't have strength of my own to stop this. Since my last relapse 12 days ago I said I couldn't do this anymore and that I needed the Lord's help to overcome my addiction. I noticed that ever since I started to ask the Lord for help to overcome my addiction my days have gone in peace, whenever I was tempted the temptation would just go away quickly and I was back in peace. Satan tries to make our addiction seem enticing, making us hungry for it again, but if we give in to the temptations we are back in his grasp, enslaved once again by our addiction. I don't want to be enslaved to my addiction. I want to be freed from it. I'm glad that I didn't fall into temptation today. 2 weeks clean here I come!


So Happy for you    
"Another Hurrah for J89. Well done. That's tough. Congrats on turning to the Lord and overcoming for one day. Unfortunately, Satan will be back...sooner than you want. We're here for you. As most people can probably tell, I check this site as regularly as I can remember to, so if you need added help, come visit the site. I am personally extremely grateful for this site.

Good job, J89. You are still on the right track."
posted at 07:53:51 on February 25, 2010 by BeClean
That is what works for me.    
"Thank you for sharing your challenges. Turning to the Lord and asking Him to take the temptation away from me is what has helped me stay abstinent. One day at a time has now turned into years, and the process is still the same. Hang in there."
posted at 16:05:29 on February 25, 2010 by PhilH
Satan blinds    
"Yes, thank you as well for your comments. I too have found praying in the hour of need as a very useful tool. The only times I have failed in those situations after I have prayed is if I have not followed through with my part. It would be like asking God to keep you safe from falling off a cliff but you are continueing to walk towards the edge. If you do your part and ask God to fill in He certainly will. And you should feel proud because although God filled in 98 or 99% to help you with your problem, you still did your part which kept you 100% clean.

Yeah Satan really tries to blind and steer. But at least he does not have a physical body so he cannot physically get in our way and he doesn't have a voice most of us can hear. (Although he does try to find ways around this) Good job at casting him out of your way.

I hope the lord continues to bless you especially as you honor him."
posted at 17:25:09 on February 25, 2010 by gettinthere

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"One of the great myths in life is when men think they are invincible. Too many think that they are men of steel, strong enough to withstand any temptation."

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