I truly believe, I always have.
By Gintama101
1/9/2010 4:11:24 PM
Step 2 - Action Step — Believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost
I know jesus christ lives and I know the holy ghost is with us every single day helping us through even the most difficult of times with a still small voice for he has guided me here.

I know my father whome lives out in heaven is an eternal being and an everlasting god who is both great and powerful yet merciful to those that truly seek forgiveness. I know he loves me more than any other person can love.

This knowledge however is my problem as I know he loves me so much and yet every time I sin I fail him and he is pained because of this. I cry when I sin as I do not wish to burden my father with my inexusable stupidity.

I seek redemption and I need to learn that my father is always there for me and as an orphan I need to learn to trust and to talk to him often as he can help me achieve the desires of my heart which is to serve him and the lord for all my days whether it be through missionary work, baptisims for the dead, family history or even by being a good example for my ward and for the younger generations that shall come after me.


"There was something that you said that stuck out to me and I wanted to make a comment on. You said "I do not want to burden my father with my inexcusable stupidity". The Lord has provided the way for us to come back because he loves us and he knows that being in this mortal condition, we will be "stupid" sometimes. It is right for us to feel sorrow for our sins, but we were never meant to bear that sorrow alone. In fact, to try to carry it alone, is like being given a wonderful present and handing it back to Heavenly Father and the Savior, without opening it, and saying "no thanks, I don't want it". The Lord loves us. He wants us to be successful, because of this, he has provided a Savior. The Savior has given everything so that we can take upon us his name, and thereby receive his righteousness in the place of our filthiness. I think that believing in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ means more than just believing that they exist and that they are who the prophets have told us they are. It means that we really believe that with their help we can be free from whatever it is that burdens us. I will say that I always used to think that I believed, but only since entering recovery through the church's 12 step plan have I come to really believe in and have some small measure of understanding of what the Lord has really promised us. I know that the Lord has asked us to cast our burdens on him."
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