By Gondor44646
6/4/2009 1:50:09 PM
Step 4 - Key Principle — Make a searching and fearless written moral inventory of yourself.
Ok... I guess you can learn a lot about yourself in step 4, does anybody know how to overcome a passive-aggressive behavior? Ok I have reason to susspect that passiveness might be a root to my addiction... The style I live my life constantly brings me back, you can google passive-aggressive if you are feeling curious, but I need some help here in overcoming it... :(


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"In recent years, as I have sung the hymns of the Atonement, it has been with an especially full heart—and also with full voice, when I can continue to sing—lines such as “How great thou art,” “I scarce can take it in,” “To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine,” “I stand all amazed,” and “Oh, it is wonderful!”"

— Neal A. Maxwell

General Conference May 1987