I have admitted now it's time to committ to abstain
By gotaproblem
5/25/2009 10:24:26 PM
Step 1 - Action Step — Become willing to abstain
On May 24th I admitted I have a problem with food and compulsive over eating. Today I am committing to abstain from the certain food thaI know give me problems. Cokes,Pepsi or however you would like to but it only diet caffeen free diet products. I have been to the website and they say no snacking just committ to your three meals a day and if you fall your sobriety dates start back over. So I am committing to eating only three meals a day and I will use my blogs as my companion and accountability.
So as I right this moment I begin Monday May 25, 2009 11:24 pm EST.
Sweet Dreams to all!


not even 10 am ...    
"It wasn't even before lunch and I failed!!! See I did nto eat breakfast this morning before I left to do my running around with the kids and I should have. I seem to think I could of been stronger if I had ate my breakfast."
posted at 11:06:22 on May 26, 2009 by gotaproblem
hang in there !!!    
"You just hang in there , it's goingt to take one step at a time, my wife and myself are trying to loose weight as well and we have gone to people that are helping us but they said if you want off fast it's not going to happen because what has happend over ther past few years is't going go away over night . Once we put that into are heads things started to happen also my mother in law always told me that i was always looking at the problems and trying to solve them all at once and wondering how I"m going to get rid of it fast and she saidyou can't eat it all at once but take one small at a time and not worry about how you are going to do it in one or week or a year .

It's like any other addiction you have to do it 100% to make it work , when I'm not at my 100% I feel it and can see changes start happening to me and so I pull the reins in and I'm back on again. And ask help from the Lord he's always there no matter what we need help with !!

May the Lord bless you and help you though this I know that he has me many times in the last few years even more than i knwow myself and we are here for you as well we are all brothers and sisters here fighting together ."
posted at 11:38:14 on May 26, 2009 by newsoul
"I want to encourage you. Just yesterday, I didnt recognize Food Addiction as a "big" problem. Today, I see. I am an addict in recovery a number of years. When I realize where my addictions are, I realize they started at different times, in different ways. I realize now my most "haunting" secret addiction has been Food! I am so re-thinking when I "relapsed," except I did it with Food. Even at that time, I didnt realize I am an addict. I knew something was wrong because Food had never been my enemy before. I went directly into typical anti-social behavior. When I wasnt anti-social anymore (and got real lovable and sociable) :) Food became my "substance of choice." This is my most recent realization and the focus I am taking in my recovery efforts at this juncture. I've been excommunicated, divorced, institutionalized, arrested, rebaptized, and most recently and most supremely restored to temple blessings and I hold a new, current temple recommend preciously in my hands. And within 24hrs, I knew I had a new --well, I saw it as a Step 9 because I had my goals for getting back with a certain person tho I was chubby at the time, I am not anti-social now and my goal was to get back with him when I had my temple recommend. The fear came over me, presently. I dont want to think that my extra pounds matter to me, or him. I am so just starting out on my admission of Food Addiction! Bu tI so want to overcome it :(. I so want to deny it, avoid it, downplay it, but I need to find Hope about it. I dont want another battle, such a respectable battle! But I must start "seeing" myself respectably, I guess! I'm glad you are here."
posted at 11:51:10 on May 27, 2009 by saltsands
"NewSoul and Saltsands,
Thanks for the comments. I really need them. I feel bad because I don't know what to say. See I know what I can and should be doing and I know what I can say to try to send encouragement ya'lls way but I feel not worthy at the moment. I haven't even been able to for just one day control my appetite or give up the cokes loaded with caffenine. I am so tired of me always saying okay I'll start tomorrow and just pig ou the rest of the day. But I just can't seem to stop the cycle. I have not posted to anyone else because of this reason. I feel so unworthy to offer advice or give encouragement. Sweet Dreams, Gotaproblem"
posted at 21:54:45 on May 27, 2009 by gotaproblem

Don't put yourself down and never say your unworthy that is what satan feeds on because that is you weak spot and that is how he can get to use if we put are selves down , I know when i find myself doing the same thing i can feel him working on me harder and harder. You have already takien the first step by saying that you have aproblem and are asking for help, start and start there and take one step at a time I know that you can do it with the help of others and the help of the lord anything is posible. So never stop belliving in yourself somtimes we forget that. Anyway keep your head up and remember that you have us here to vent and to ask for helpl my the lord bless you and know that we are here for you as well ."
posted at 08:20:17 on May 28, 2009 by newsoul
Every "failure" is a step closer to success    

Good for you for beginning on this journey. You've made some hard decisions and come to some big realizations already. One thing that I learned while trying to quit smoking is that you aren't going to do it on the first try. That's really a beautiful thing. I tried to quit smoking once a year for 7 years. I could only summon the courage once a year. I "failed" every time for 6 years. But, I learned something new each time. I learned another "trigger" or another coping mechanism that I needed or didn't need. Each time really brought me closer to the "finish line". I'm proud to say that in November I'll celebrate 8 years smoke free!

Keep working on it. You already know that not eating breakfast is a hinderance to reaching your goal. So, make sure that you eat breakfast. Then, you'll find something else that's holding you back. Then you fix that.

Good luck!"
posted at 18:17:55 on September 3, 2009 by sistershan
I have one as well    
"Food addictions are hard because the temptations are everywhere. This sounds odd, but I've taken to planning all of my meals for two weeks at once. I plan breakfast, lunch, 1 snack, and dinner. It has been helping. When I feel weak or I've already been weak and I feel myself spiraling out of control, I ask myself, is this really what God intended for me to be putting into my body. I've never been obese but over weight for the last five and its killing me literally. So I ask myself every time I want that soda, if that is something that God had designed for us to eat? Or how will this affect my body?

I hope this helps. I want you to know that you are a lovely child of God and that he loves you the way you currently are, but he designed you to be a healthy and happy person. So work towards what he designed you to be, healthy and happy."
posted at 02:35:14 on June 26, 2012 by Anonymous
food addictions    
"I know a lady that I met on line that kicked her food addiction. Now she is helping others do the same. She has a web site. I have lost 35 pounds and don't use food anymore. Good luck everyone."
posted at 10:01:52 on October 26, 2012 by Anonymous
Addicts around the board    
"I am a pornography addict and have struggled for years. But my heart always goes out to food addicts. It must be frustrating to be addicted to a thing that once you've give up completely you will die. It must be very confusing for the body.

I was speaking to my wife the other day when I realized that sexual addicts, especially those who are married, might have more in common with food addicts than I had ever realized. Sex is a natural part of life. Pornography perverts and exploits this natural craving, desire and necessary behavior.

Without food we die. Without sex the human race dries up and dies. Isn't it wonderful that we have to struggle unnecessarily with such necessary things!

With these thoughts I think I'll be visiting my friends on this side of the party from time to time.

Good luck to you and to me and to all of us. God bless!"
posted at 06:54:48 on December 4, 2012 by SimonLeper
need a support group    
"Hello, I was in an unhealthy relationship and I started gaining weight I feel because I did not want him to be attracted to me anymore and gaining the weight helped me to not want to be close to him. I want to move on with my life and get a healthy relationship but my addiction to sugar is holding me back. I would love to attend a support group for this. Does anyone know of one in Utah county Orem area?"
posted at 01:22:08 on January 2, 2013 by Anonymous
Dear Anonymous    
"Hey. Here's how you can find a meeting:"
posted at 04:46:53 on January 2, 2013 by Anonymous

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