New here hoping this will help me
By gotaproblem
5/24/2009 8:40:34 PM
I am a mom of six, 36 years old, and married. I am 5'01 and this morning weighed in aat 262.8. Pretty hefty for a girl my size. My first child was born in April 1992 and that was 17 years ago and that is how long I have been weighing in over the two hundred pound mark. I eat , eat, and eat. I know that I am a compulsive eater. I go on binges and then I feel so terrible. There has been plenty of times I've been in 'Walmarts with my three youngest ones and bought cupcakes, chocolate candy and popcorn chicken and sat out side in the parking lot on a frenzy with my two little girls watching me (the other is just a baby) and them eating with mom. So unhealthy. And there have been times when I couldn't decide if I wanted chicken or a hamburger and so I got both. Each time after a binge it's always "I'll start tommorow." All these tommorows are killing me. My family and I are suppose to be going to the lake tomorrow but I don't want to so me and my beloved end up arguing. Our intimate life is at a halt because I don't feel good about myself. I is getting harder for me to breath and I just don't ffeel pretty anymore. I am constantly looking at weightloss books, magazines and trying new diets but nothing ever sticks. I want to be healthy (skinny) but I just am having a hard time flipping the switch. It is sooooo hard to have an inanimated object in controll of you. Seems hard to believe that it's possible for something that doesn't breath, walk or sleep to have control over you. I am hoping to use this site has a way for me to vent, to find help and to give encouragement. I am on step one HONESTY and I am finding out that I am not a very honest person in reality. I lie all the time to myself.
Sweet Dreams,


"It is great to see you here, although I might have some bad eating habits, it might not be the same as what you are talking about... However I feel for you, I'm not very light for a 19 year old... I think I am around 220 pounds (I think)... I say your honesty is a great start, I havent even concidered how my eating habits secretly contribute to some of my greater problems... Once my life starts to become difficult I imediatly go to my "problem(s)" for quick relief, but the depresion that comes from my problems sends me to food for depresion relief...

I know there are many great people here that would be glad to share there support... My ideas might be limited, but to say the least, God loves you no matter what... Best of hope, Gotaproblem..."
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