LDS Addiction Recovery Program = Atonement Utilization Program
By harveyf
1/22/2009 9:30:16 AM
I have grown up in the church, went on a mission, and as far as knowledge about the gospel and the scriptures, I would be ranked above average. Still with all my knowledge ,including a burning testimony that the church is true, it did not help me in my addiction. I believed the gospel works(for other people but not for me) I thought I was uniquely broken, and beyond help, God would not want to help me, I fell too far. My biggest boost in my recovery is when as AA says" fire you old God and get a new one", or at least a new understanding of HIM, that is what I had to do. The Church's recovery program taught me that God loves me, sinful or not HE wants to help me, grace is the central theme of repentance(unmerited help). I have learned that repentance is, a come as you are party, I do not have to clean myself up BEFORE I can come to him. I learned that I can come to HIM in all my filth and sin and HE is there wanting to help me. I had all the puzzle pieces but did not know how to put them together and make the Atonement work for me. I believed all the lies Satan told me. Satan used my misunderstanding of the scriptures to discourage me, here is an example, "saved by grace AFTER all we can do. I took this to be that I am to do all I can by myself then fall flat on my face, and only then would God help. I thought I had to prove myself first, and earn his help. I thought that I had to show some sobriety on my part before I could expect HIS help. I would have to hike back up the trail to where I strayed off of before I could expect any help from above. And guess what, I could not stay clean that long and discouragement set in, and I would give up yet again. I have since learned the truth that Father wants to be there at the beginning, and all they way through our trial, and even more when we fall on our face. The Atonement is so amazing. Unlocking its power, is my lifelong goal. It is when I fell off the trail and I turned around and HE was right there, I did not have to prove myself or do anything but cry out for help and HE did. I believe that in the church, the works are stressed more than the grace. I think the church thinks it is better to lean to the works side, because too many people would rely too much on the grace to save them, without having to do anything. As an addict however, we have to rely on the grace of God. We cannon rely on works because of the chains of the adversary are to thick to break, we have lost much of our free agency to do good. We are not good enough, never can be. As an addict we are so short of the mark, compared to “normal people” . That is why the 12 steps works, its true, and is now official church doctrine. Step one to give up doing it on our own, this step took over 35 years for me, you cannot find the right anything that will work, you cannot do it without Christ. Which brings us to step 2 Christ can and wants to free us from bondage, step 3 is to put Christ in the drivers seat of our life and let him do it. Steps 4-12 teaches us how to turn our entire life over to Christ. The 12 steps for me is a repentance program for dummies, which is what I needed, to be taught step by step how to repent and overcome. Knowledge of the Atonement is the greatest knowledge we can ever obtain. I am so grateful for the Church's ARP program it has saved my soul


"Thank you SO much for your testimony of the Savior and His Atonement and the ARP Program. I found myself nodding constantly at what you wrote.

I had the EXACT same realizations about grace and the Atonement. I thought I had to "clean myself up" before I'd be worthy of the Lord's help...but I've been blessed by Christ's grace in my dark hours, and let me tell you what a wonderful surprise it has been to feel of God's love and to receive that strength, that grace, even when I felt I didn't deserve it.

I'm looking forward to applying the Atonement in my life via the 12 steps. The program and the manual (holy cow, how beautiful is that manual?!) are most assuredly inspired. Thanks again for sharing, Harvey!"
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"My spiritual prescription includes six choices which I shall list alphabetically, A through F:
  • Choose to Be Alive
  • Choose to Believe
  • Choose to Change
  • Choose to Be Different
  • Choose to Exercise
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    — Russell M. Nelson

    General Conference, October 1988