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By hope4change
1/14/2009 12:11:29 AM
In Seminary today, we talked about Peter and Jesus. Jesus told Peter that he would deny him three times before the morning of the next day. Peter basically says, all others maybe, but not I. And then, as Jesus says, Peter denies him three times. Of those three times he denied being an disciple of Christ, denied being with Christ in Gethsemane, and denied knowing Jesus. The rooster crows in the morning, and as was prophesied by Christ, Peter had denied him three times.

We talked about Peter's stubborn personality. Was it a weakness? Was it a strength? Was it a mix? For Peter, it was more of a strength, however at times it was a weakness for him.

After talking about this example in the Bible, we discussed how it might apply in our own lives. Our seminary teacher pointed out that, we can never be too strong to resist all temptations. In a sense, I summed this up in a post towards the beginning of my path to recovery, "curiosity kills the cat". Curiosity is what lured me in and I took the bait. He told us that just because we do have the lord on our side, doesn't mean that we can go into any situation we want and not be tempted. Someone pointed out that teenagers are being more and more stubborn as the years go on. He is sending stubborn teenagers to be able to better resist the temptation of the devil in the last days.

I just thought it was a really awesome lesson and figured I'd share it here. =)




"Thanks for sharing that. I think that's a good way at looking at MY stubbornness. It's always looked on like a bad thing "oh She is SO stubborn" ~eyes roll~ or whatever.
But I love the idea of being stubborn in the gospel."
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