Depressed. Confused. Angry.
By hope4change
12/28/2008 4:40:28 PM
I feel like such a creep. Sometimes I have such dirty thoughts. I really hate school. That wouldn't matter if I didn't have such a huge deal of having such horrible dirty thoughts about beautiful daughters of our heavenly father. The mind is such a powerful resource that as of late, I haven't been able to control much. It's so ridiculous. I just wish I could stay clean. In every way. Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally. My emotions are such a train wreck. I have such a hard time feeling happy, or feeling content even with myself. I hate not being able to focus on clean, wholesome aspects of life. I can't focus on school. I'm to busy thinking about girls and completely different things. I used to get a 3.5 gpa, and last semester I got more like a 1.8-2.0 It's so frustrating. Anyways, I hope all of you've had a great Christmas, and hope you all have a great new year.



"I'm sorry your struggling so much, Hope. I feel for you so much. I wish I could fix things for you but I know it's something you have to do by yourself even if you don't want to. Get through school as best you can. Once it's over, it's easier to either focus on the solution or the problem. Hopefully it will be the solution. Have you ever tried finding a youth addiction program? I know you can't go to one by yourself since you aren't 18 yet but I know they are trying to get some started that are aimed towards people such as yourself. Maybe you could look into it. I pray that you'll be okay. I love you tons."
posted at 11:00:03 on December 29, 2008 by Matrix
New Year - New You!    
"Hey buddy -- I totally can relate to your depression, confusion and anger -- and want you to know that I care deeply for you. I also want you to know that you CAN become the person you want to be -- this is a powerful addiction and at your young age it is just developing -- I am a "sponsor" for another teen boy who is exactly like you -- however, I can't get him to post to get all the wisdom from everyone here -- this is my email and if you want maybe the two of you can help each other along your journey's. Hang tough bro -- keep fighting and the victory will be yours!

Power in Purity!"
posted at 14:02:14 on December 29, 2008 by whitewolf
I understand...    
"Hello Hope... I know how you feel, if it helps at all... just know that your not the only person out there that is trying to learn how to control there body in these ways. Your experance still remind me of a lot of my own, my problem always seemed congrent with school and life. When ever I was not doing well with my problem, I also was doing bad at school... and it always seemed to just get worse too. I wish I could just say pray, read your scriptures, listen to good music... but that still didnt seem like enough... in the end I feel it was just me not being honest with myself, did I actualy make the effort to keep myself clear, or did I just sabtoge myself to make an excuse for all the difficulties in my life... self check may help... Oh! ... I think the last time I posted was when you were wondering if you should confess to your bishop. How did that go? Well if you did or not... still try to reach out for support when you feel ready... I still find my parents and bishop to be great support for advice and help for me even in those embarasing situations were I dont control my thoughts, or if I am having difficulty with my problems. I believe you can overcome this still... sure its been awhile, but you dont have to wait, it is better to humble yourself now... trust me it dosent get any better, if it is left unchecked it will only continue to degrade you and get worse. You have the agency in this choice... (( not to violate step 1 and assuming with the help and power of God of course )) ........ Continue going Hope, I wish the best for you. remember that you are a son of God. ((( simple sure to share your feelings about your difficuties with your Hevanly Father, even though I'm sure he already knows, but that opens the opurtinuty and continues to allow honesty...))) ........ that is all..."
posted at 01:36:02 on January 4, 2009 by Gondor44646

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"Jesus rejected temptation. When confronted by the great tempter himself, Jesus "[yielded] not to the temptation‚ÄĚ. He countered with scripture. Gospel commandments and standards are our protection also, and like the Savior, we may draw strength from the scriptures to resist temptation."

— D. Todd Christofferson

General Conference October 2006