Starting over with day 1
By ican
12/7/2008 5:27:57 PM
After over 90 days sober I slipped yesterday. I am a little bit discouraged, but hopeful in a way that I never have been before after a slip up. Before this was the longest time I had been sober since I began masturbating (when I was 5). I had expected to feel hopeless, but I know that this is just an obstacle on my way to complete recovery. I know that I will conquer this problem. I felt myself slipping before I actually did it, and now I know what to watch out for. This time I'm going to go 120 days or more, and I hope that eventually I will be able to stop counting days and weeks and can just say that I have recovered. While I know that it was a bad thing for me to slip, I now know that no matter how long it has been and how much I think I have overcome this problem, I cannot let my guard down. It was working, but I let myself become complacent about small things and it grew.


"90 days?!!! Wow that's so awesome!! Pick yourself up and keep going. You can do this and it's amazing you could feel yourself slipping so now you'll know what to look for next time and if you can do that, you can stop it. Way to go, Ican. Love ya tons."
posted at 10:36:52 on December 8, 2008 by Matrix
Keep it up!    
"You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned about it being another obstacle. You can do it! And secondly, you should be very very happy with yourself for obtaining 90 days without slipping up. =). Give yourself a pat on the back and find a treat. :) Nowtake it one day at a time. :)

Keep it up!

posted at 02:38:21 on December 9, 2008 by hope4change
You Can!    
"Keep going. The relapses will get smaller and farther apart. One day it will be no more than a turn of a thought. I can't remember where I read that thought, but I know it is true. Now you've got over 94 days minus 1 day! You haven't lost the previous clean time it just isn't interrupted, as long as you press on.

Currently on day 11 with many large clean periods behind me and one eternal one in my near future."
posted at 13:22:03 on December 10, 2008 by justjohn

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"The solution to this problem ultimately is neither governmental nor institutional. Nor is it a question of legality. It is a matter of individual choice and commitment. Agency must be understood. The importance of the will in making crucial choices must be known. Then steps toward relief can follow."

— Russell M. Nelson