Triggers & General Thoughts for the Day 10/6/08
By hope4change
10/6/2008 1:21:25 AM
It seems so frustrating the amount of triggers that can throw so many immoral bad thoughts into ones mind. In no way do I mean to blame it on them, because it is my mind that has torqued things out of proportion, but some of these triggers come from girls in my seminary class that have underwear showing, etc.

Another thing that is very disturbing is the mind's ability to take one of God's beautiful children and turn them into a scandalous image. You know? I see girls at school and BAM. It's so disturbing...



frustrating but hopeful    
"Oh I am sure that must be hard and frustrating when you are in good places and yet there are things out of place. It is just like the world. The world really is a good place. There are so many beautiful creations, amazing technology, wonderful places and people and things and yet so many things make it all the opposite. How do you live in the world but not be worldl?. How do you go to good places like seminary or even church, even your home which should be a safe guard and not have those other things take over?

I think there were a lot of good talks this weekend. Sister Dalton's talk on bringing back virtue. Elder Christofferson's about Babylon, and Elder Uchtdorf's on hope. And so many more that we can draw from and hopefully find things that will help us."
posted at 11:14:21 on October 6, 2008 by Anonymous
Time to make a plan    
"It is really good that you are identifying these triggers and figuring out how you can decrease them and avoid them. Because of the world we live in, and Satan's aggressive efforts to throw us into misery, you won't ever be able to avoid all of your triggers. The next step is to write it out and create a detailed plan for how to deal with them. This is the part that my husband is struggling with right now. The triggers come from so many different sources and in so many different circumstances (even the best circumstances, like at church). It has been really hard for him to try to figure out an action plan that can help him no matter what he is doing. I will let you know if he has any ideas that are helpful to him. Hopefully he will keep trying as hard as you are. Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. Stories of progress are so encouraging to me when I am doubting my husband's efforts or worrying about what the future may bring."
posted at 11:55:46 on October 7, 2008 by Anonymous
All About Thoughts    
"I remember having similar ideas. I would say they are the same except that I'm not a boy so I can only imagine it must be so much harder for you. I just remember sitting in dedicated places where I shouldn't have to worry (i.e. seminary, church, temple) and getting horrible thoughts in my head. I remember thinking, "I'm somewhere good, why am I thinking this? No one thinks about this, especially here." I also always hated that even the smallest things were a trigger, like just a word.

Really, the whole key to this addiction is being able to control your thoughts. If you can control those, you will never act out and have this problem. It’s so hard though, your thoughts are powerful and sometimes it seems impossible to make them change but I know from experience that it can be done. Also, the less you think about it, the fewer triggers you will have and the easier things will get. Pray for help in just changing your thoughts. Ask that He help you get the bad ones out of your head quickly when they pop in there. Sometimes if I get a thought in my head, I literally say, "Satan, get out of my head." Not always out loud but I say it somehow. It helps me because then I recognize that its Satan's idea and not mine. Maybe you could try it or just find something else that will help change your thought pattern. It takes a while but eventually you will find something that works.

I'm really impressed by you. You are definitely someone I look up to. I pray for your success and I know you will find it. You are a good guy. Keep working on the 12 steps. If it helps any (being so busy) just take an hour each Sunday and read through the steps then answer one question, just one. As long as you are trying to do the steps it doesn't matter how long you take. Good luck, Hope."
posted at 15:43:39 on October 7, 2008 by Matrix

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