I'm so tired of crying
By Matrix
11/29/2007 2:28:28 PM
Things are getting hard. I feel like I'm being stretched beyond my limits. I have one friend who has a drug problem and is living in an abusive home, another that is addicted to porn, one more thats in depression, and my boyfriend who's trying to repent of his mistakes although he keeps slipping up. Not to mention, I'm still struggling with my own addictions. I know that Heavenly Father is going to take care of me and help me get through this but right now it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm ready to just dump everyone and be alone. I'm the rock that my peers come to in time of need and I'm starting to feel the pressure. I just don't feel that strong anymore and I need some help.


"I think that we can do a lot to help our friends out when they need it, but I think what it comes down to is that you should encourage your friends to seek help from their parents or bishop. Its not right for them to always come to you for strength and comfort, especially when you have a lot on your own plate. Know that I know my redeemer lives. I know that even though I myself am bound by the chains of addiction and I quite often fail, there is hope. God lives and loves us. One thing satan can never take from us is our hope and our testimony. Just find somthing to smile about :) and dont give up."
posted at 00:29:51 on November 30, 2007 by takahath
Wise comment, takahath    
"I think that he is right- Friends are so helpful for so many reasons, but the whole salvation thing is quite personal. It is between a person and the Lord. Priesthood leaders can help tremendously, but make sure that when your friends come to you you direct them to the right place. For example, if missionaries are working with someone who is having a problem with something, say word of wisdom, before they are a member they might talk about it freely. However, after baptism if the member has a relapse the missionaries (even though they know all about it because they previously worked with them before they were baptized) should direct him to the branch president or bishop who can help them work through the repentance process and hopefully teach them to grow closer to the Savior.
Also remember, you have to take care of yourself before you can help others! Someone who is struggling with an addiction, for example, should work on repenting before they can worthily give a blessing or perform in priesthod services. So yeah, be helpful in the meantime but make sure you take care of yourself. Bringing your soul to Christ is the best thing that you can do. Then you will be able to help others more. Cheer up and count your blessings!"
posted at 23:28:08 on December 2, 2007 by roast_rump

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"My brethren who are caught in this addiction or troubled by this temptation, there is a way. Don’t accommodate any degree of temptation. Prevent sin and avoid having to deal with its inevitable destruction. So, turn it off! Look away! Avoid it at all costs. Direct your thoughts in wholesome paths. Please heed these warnings. Let us all improve our personal behavior and redouble our efforts to protect our loved ones and our environment from the onslaught of ography that threatens our spirituality, our marriages, and our children. "

— Dallin H. Oaks

General Conference, April 2005