Seeing another addicted person
By puzzclar
6/1/2016 5:40:28 PM
This weekend was tough for me. I took a deep slide into addiction. But I saw some very important things that brought me to my lowest.

A friend is dating someone who I believe is a sex addict, and also alcoholic. I saw some pictures on his phone heard some details, and then my friend's sister said he wasn't... It breaks my heart!! They broke up and now he wants her back.... I just feel so alone. I can't share my experience with her, because she isn't ready and I want to talk to the guy but I know I can't be very kind to him. I'm afraid that when I see him things will come out of my mouth... and they won't be good.

But then I slipped. I let this affect me, and why wouldn't it. I was so disgusted at myself that I blamed myself for the situation and not speaking up, but it's what I saw online. I can't tell her.. and I'm afraid for her safety...

That's beyond the point... I can see what this addiction does to ME!! It distracts me from my goals and makes my schedule a nightmare. I need help!!!

What I would like is support. If you are a female and are willing to have a sponsee. I would love to talk to you. I can't do this alone, and I don't know what I'm doing. I'm not sure how to change.

I will be speaking with my Bishop and having his help but I am frightened!!! I'm afraid that he will focus on the mental and not on the spiritual like I need him to do. My spirit is falling and I need help fast. Through out this I haven't had the Spirit with me and I need it back desperately.

If you know of something that has helped you, I would be very excited to hear from you. Thanks for listening.


My thoguhts    
I hope you find peace speaking with your bishop. For me it was really realiving to speak to my Bishop. I have struggled on my own part with my "need" for my wife and kids and stuff. Theonly ting that I can think of is that AA talks about the journey to sobriety needs to be for sobriety, not based on other people(this is something I have learned for myself in my own experience I don't know if it is the same for you). I hope you can find a sponsor, have you considered an A fellowship? While I have minimized the m & p in my life, my association with S@x Anonymous has helped me learn about other people, make friends oustid of the Church which has been helpful for me. Anyway hope you have a good day"
posted at 10:18:08 on June 2, 2016 by sjanderson1
"Reading some of your comments always gives me strength. I have a masturbation problem I have been struggling with lately. I went about 120 days clean and then messed up. I am now on day number 35 of being clean. I am trying to focus on what I want to be. But I really struggle with my thoughts sometimes.

Keep pressing toward the Tree of Life. Christ awaits with open arms to receive you."
posted at 05:30:15 on June 24, 2016 by Anonymous
"Here is a motivational video for those struggling with addiction. It is entitled "Getting Stronger.""
posted at 16:05:57 on July 2, 2016 by Anonymous

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"Jesus rejected temptation. When confronted by the great tempter himself, Jesus "[yielded] not to the temptation‚ÄĚ. He countered with scripture. Gospel commandments and standards are our protection also, and like the Savior, we may draw strength from the scriptures to resist temptation."

— D. Todd Christofferson

General Conference October 2006