By pothead4life
4/7/2015 4:18:15 AM
Silence calls me
in the night
it's fingers wrap
around my mind
and hold the secrets
dark inside
til life is numb
and truth
is blind


"Wow "pot head for life". Yes I will b too I've been partaking of herbs for 30 years its been two years that I have had the desire to stop...I went to a meeting last Thursday and was very saddened by my welcome it was rainy snow I'm on puplic tranportationand 20 mints late to the lds meeting the sponser and a married couple were there getting ready to leave the husband said oh good let me gety wife she sitting in the car...we started the meeting she came in and said "oh I am not staying long my dogs in the car I will wait with him.." we began the meeting and said "what u been coming here for a while u either need to get on the boat get with the program throw your self into church callings sacrament meetings ect..and just abstain...I was mad told her I have done all that ...I started a Na class outside of LDS its been 8 Na meetings in 7 days my longest time sober is 32 hours anxious nervous and hopeful god bless all of us especially to all addicts out there suffering sorry long posting"
posted at 01:24:10 on April 23, 2015 by Anonymous

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"Man has a dual nature; one, related to the earthly or animal life; the other, akin to the divine. Whether a man remains satisfied within what we designate the animal world, satisfied with what the animal world will give him, yielding without effort to the whim of his appetites and passions and slipping farther and farther into the realm of indulgence, or whether, through self-mastery, he rises toward intellectual, moral, and spiritual enjoyments depends upon the kind of choice he makes every day, nay, every hour of his life"

— David O. McKay