I just want to vent
By sjanderson
2/16/2015 2:40:12 PM
i want to just vent for a few minutes so up front please understand this up front.

I am really sick and tired of the financial struggles that we are in the middle of right now. My wife is continually telling me that she is doing the best that she can to make do with the salary that i have, but we are short about 700-800 a month. Both our parents have been helpful over time, but the hole in which we are in right now just gets bigger and bigger. I have tried to stay busy, to serve to stay sober, but the obstacles seem to conspire against us over and over again.

i have to admit I am not sure i want to stay with my wife, if she is going to keep getting angry at me. We are having a perfectly fine conversation and then within a minute or two all of a sudden I am the wrong person, i am evil and my parents and I are conspiring against her. I know i should be more accepting in her anger and not get angry, but gosh darn it it is really really aggravating that she seems to profess to have the moral high ground. I try to tell her what I am thinking, and she gets angry and so then I figure it isn't worth the effort to try and communicate.

Honestly I am looking at about six months of sobriety and life seems to just be getting worse. The bills keep piling up, the wife is still out of town with her mom, still getting angry about every 15-20 minutes of our conversation, that there is no hope for my future career.

now I know I shouldn't be focused on these negative things, that I should be grateful and accepting what is going on in my life, but dang it all I AM SICK of this, and frankly i am at a point where I don't think God cares or knows what is going on in my life.

Thanks for letting me vent


Safe place    
"Vent when ever you need to. This is a safe place to dump whatever you need to. Most of it we can all empathize and what we can't we still sympathize. Soldier on, but feel free to let off the steam here."
posted at 23:34:05 on February 17, 2015 by maddy
okay I am at it again    
"Please excuse, but I have to vent a little more. My wife has been living with her mom for the last six months and wants to get a place of her own, she is wanting to sell our house here in the sate where I live so she can move out of her parents house and then i could look for a job up there, I don't see this as the solution to our problem. we are 30-40% stretched beyond our means with no hope of things changing. I guess i shouldn't be attached to the house, it is just the last physical thing that I have accomplished in life and the fact that my wife is so willing to through it out the window so she can 'be on her own' is really frustrating. I am really tempted to act out right now, resentful of her stupid pig headness

Ih have tried to take responsiblity for my parts of our relationship. She gets to bop along dreaming with her head in the clouds and disregard many of he rules of finane, I know i should not worry about her, but ther just comes a time when gos darn it why doesnt she get put through the ringer, why don't people tell her where to change. I guess i am selfish, but it is really angering when she doesn't get the reprimands that i get for my addictions, while her financial issues have put us in just as bad a siatuiona as my choices have."
posted at 21:16:53 on February 23, 2015 by sjanderson
sounds like a tough sitch    
"your last paragraph on your original post made me think of this talk. that's not to say I'm not a big fan of just being pissed off sometimes too. good luck."
posted at 00:18:10 on February 25, 2015 by they_speak

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