switching addictions
By they_speak
1/19/2015 3:07:06 PM
Anybody have any experience with it? What was it like? How did it sneak up on you? I've always kind of felt like drugs and alcohol were my lucky vice. One I could get away with without that magnetic pull of addiction. Never felt compulsive about those things. I recently got on Prozac (for a myriad of other unrelated reasons) and suddenly drinking and smoking pot seem to be getting a little more frequent. I keep telling myself oh I can stop anytime (cause I always have - I'll go months and years without even thinking about it) but I just keep doing it every day. And it just feels different since I got on antidepressants. Usually I just feel done. Full. After a weekend of partying. But now I juse feel like I could keep going and going and going. On the flip side of that porn seems almost boring. I don't know. I guess the reality check came when I got randomly drug tested for my job and had to "sub" with synthetic urine. I passed but it scared the hell out of me. In 2 years I smoked pot twice and never got drug tested and then about a month ago I started smoking, originally experimenting for migraines, and bam of course I get randomed. Anyway, I don't know what I'm looking for. Just other people's experience I guess.


they speak    
"Personally, I can get addicted to just about anything that makes me feel different. In other words, I have the potential to be addicted to any substance or behavior that causes me to feel "different" than I feel naturally. There have been times that I've substituted healthy things for my drug of choice (alcohol). The substances and behaviors that want me dead are the alcohol, drugs, and those I must stay away from. I learned over a long period of time. I quit shooting meth because it got me locked up in prison. I started drinking instead. Turns out, that kicked my ass worse than the meth ever did. Finally surrendered it all. Next week I will have 13 years clean and sober. Good luck on your journey, Bro."
posted at 23:24:30 on January 19, 2015 by Anonymous
I echo your comments as well    
"i find that my problem is often dissatifaction or an inabilty to accept things as they really are - that is from AA literature not me :). What I have found is that this principle is so very true for me. I overeat when i am depressed and feel depressed, I look to p@rn when I can't control my life, I zone out in media or entertainment when again I don't accept my limitations and my current situation. I have found so many characther defects rearing their head in my life lately, but I am grateful for this clarity to realise that yes the p@rn and related issues are wrong and sins, but bigger than that if I can't surrender and accept my life as exactly the way it is supposed to be right now ... I will just pick up another addiction to try and run away from God. Just my .02

posted at 16:45:49 on January 20, 2015 by sjanderson
Hey cool cat,    
"Hey speak we're pals. I'm going anon for reasons of not outting my husband on other issues as well (one of my siblings knows my username, and doesn't know the whole scoop). My husband is an addiction switcher. Lyings always been an addiction but maybe that just to protect the other addictions, who flippin' knows. Anywho, we've done drug rehab, porn has been a doozy, and another one is shoplifting....My dude makes good money, no reason for stealing. But we resently had to go to court for 2 felonies (grand theft and possessing a knife with intent to commit grand theft). We hired a good attorney and got his sentence to 2 misdemeanors, with jail time. So he gets out of jail and goes back to porn. It's always something. I always believed there is so much good in him, but always felt like he was sick. Well I finally called it quits, it was obvious to me he wasn't going to let good win and I was done watching this rad dude destroy himself and everyone around him. This was the point he said "help, please help something isn't right in my head I keep switching to other addictions and I don't know why. I want answers." We finally took him to get testing done (he's been forced "tested" before, during drug rehab days, but he only told the clinician what he wanted to admit about himself. So he passed those tests, found out he's a genius (which he is) and they just assumed he had a rough patch and got into drugs). But when he agreed to testing (because he actually wanted answers for himself) that's when puzzle pieces started to make sense. Testing is still on going (trying different meds and doses), but what they do know is he has a mood disorder of some kind....bipolar maybe, borderline personality disorder is also a maybe...even wondered about Schizophrenia (he made up people in his life...people I wondered if he really believed existed. He says he knows he made them up and that those lies were to cover addictions). He's got a strong family history of bipolar/mood disorders (2 sibling suicides from the disease, both suicides aren't for sure what they wouldn't do testing and the other passed away before they could really dive into further testing). Every situation is so totally different but my husband is on mood stabilizers now and an antidepressant, seeing a counselor and a psychiatric clinician. Our counselor said he switches addictions cause he's grabbing for something/anything and then obsesses about that one, then gets found out and does another. Not sure if everything is connected or not. My husband says he's feeling much more in-control. And less grabby at the baddy. Here's to hoping.
Not sure if any of that applies or makes any sense to you. But the term "addiction switching" is common talk at our house."
posted at 12:26:46 on January 28, 2015 by Anonymous

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