Spiritual direction
By sjanderson
12/27/2014 7:24:07 AM
i have a question, and would love to hear other people's experience. Does anyone get clear answers to prayers? i know for me and in our case with my wife it has at times caused contention because she has 'felt an answer' was right I felt it was not because it wasn't in keeping with financial principles, and i understand that a husband and wife need to be unified in their decisions and purpose as they seek the Lord. The lord has blessed us despite our contetention over issues that the details don't matter as much probably but I don't have the confidence that God answers my prayers with a clear this is what you are supposed to do, instead I find myself focusing on the answers that did not 'work out' in the way that i wanted them to. remember Elder Bednar's talk about inspiration and how it can be like the dawn and the light being turned on in how we receive direction, I think i am choosing to be in darkness at times because I am afraid and doubt the ability to make good choices. Thanks for your experiences


"But interpretation is key. I've found revelation coupled with time and experience serve to clarify. I like this from William James:

"Inner happiness and serviceability do not always agree. What immediately feels most 'good' is not always most 'true,' when measured by the verdict of the rest of experience. The difference between Philip drunk and Philip sober is the classic instance in corroboration. If merely 'feeling good' could decide, drunkenness would be the supremely valid human experience. But its revelations, however acutely satisfying at the moment, are inserted into an environment which refuses to bear them out for any length of time. The consequence of this discrepancy of the two criteria is the uncertainty which still prevails over so many of our spiritual judgments. There are moments of sentimental and mystical experience — we shall hereafter hear much of them — that carry an enormous sense of inner authority and illumination with them when they come. But they come seldom, and they do not come to every one; and the rest of life makes either no connection with them, or tends to contradict them more than it confirms them. Some persons follow more the voice of the moment in these cases, some prefer to be guided by the average results. Hence the sad discordancy of so many of the spiritual judgments of human beings; a discordancy which will be brought home to us acutely enough before these lectures end."

And of course, Yoda also knows his shit:"
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"I feel like i have a hard time knowing what if or what an answer is for me to. Not sure if I can be any help :)"
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"The excuse is given that it is hard to avoid, that it is right at our fingertips and there is no escape. Suppose a storm is raging and the winds howl and the snow swirls about you. You find yourself unable to stop it. But you can dress properly and seek shelter, and the storm will have no effect upon you. Likewise, even though the Internet is saturated with material, you do not have to watch it. You can retreat to the shelter of the gospel and its teaching of cleanliness and virtue and purity of life. "

— Gordon B. Hinckley

General Conference, October 2004