Can People Be Possessed - Part 3
By Healed
8/31/2014 2:52:18 AM
Now, let us consider whether or not possession by evil spirits is unusual or more common than anyone realizes. As I mentioned before, it seems that the vast majority of LDS completely misunderstand possession by evil/uncleans spirits. They have been taken in by the wisdom of the world that says that the devil is merely the evil passions of men. Satan has become more of a symbol of evil rather than a real person who afflicts, torments, badgers, harasses and possesses people.

Oh, sure, when asked (and I have asked), LDS will say that, yes, Satan is real, but about the only thing he really does is tempt and influence. I also asked if they thought possession was common. I got answers that ranged from, “I don’t know,” to “Maybe” to “Huh?” The above average LDS has not an inkling of an idea of what Satan truly does and is capable of. Neither did I until I had several unclean spirits cast out of me and then really began digging into the writings and sermons of the early prophets and apostles.

Here is what the early church leaders had to say.

“You think it was an exceptional miracle when, after crossing the sea, the Savior with his disciples came upon one who was a maniac, and cast the devils out of him, but it was not; it is something that is occurring all the times (sic).” (Elder Nicholas G. Smith, CR, Oct 1921, Pg. 139)

“You cannot give any person their exaltation, unless they know what evil is, what sin, sorrow, and misery are, for no person could comprehend, appreciate, and enjoy an exaltation upon any other principle. The devil with one-third part of the spirits of our Father's Kingdom got here before us, and we tarried there with our friends, until the time came for us to come to the earth and take tabernacles; but those spirits that revolted were forbidden ever to have tabernacles of their own. You can now comprehend how it is that they are always trying to get possession of the bodies of human beings; we read of a man's being possessed of a legion, and Mary Magdalene had seven.
You may now see people with legions of evil spirits in and around them; there are men who walk our streets that have more than a hundred devils in them and round about them, prompting them to all manner of evil, and some too that profess to be Latter-day Saints, and if you were to take the devils out of them and from about them, you would leave them dead corpses; for I believe there would be nothing left of them.
I want you to understand these things; and if you should say or think that I know nothing about them, be pleased to find out and inform me. You can see the acts of these evil spirits in every place, the whole country is full of them, the whole earth is alive with them, and they are continually trying to get into the tabernacles of the human family, and are always on hand to prompt us to depart from the strict line of our duty.” (Brigham Young, JD 3:369)

"Of the many gifts of the Spirit which were manifest through my administration, next to my acquirement of the language, the most prominent was perhaps the gift of healing, and by the power of God the casting out of evil spirits which frequently occurred." (Joseph F. Smith, “Gospel Doctrine,” Pg. 671)

The other thing to consider are the myriad and frequency of incidences in which the gift of casting out evil spirits occurred in the Savior's time and during the first hundred years of the church. I would use up all the bandwidth of this web site to list them all. I will be listing a very small selection of them later, but there are dozens of them.


Some people know they are possessed    
"There have been some people who have discerned when they are possessed. One lady I remember who was a member of the church suffered from bad depression and she told the missionaries that she knew that she was possessed.

However it was hard to find someone that would actually cast out the evil spirit they tended to just bless her. At the end it was the two missionaries sisters discernment that prompted them to eventually get a priesthood holder to cast out the evil spirit in the proper manner and she was healed.

The spirit of discernment is such a requirement when discerning whether someone is possessed or not because this lady was not vomiting or frothing at the mouth but she knew that she was possessed."
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