what can I say, what can I write
By skyteamst90
7/17/2014 12:59:53 AM
Hello there.
It's been a while since I posted something here. probably many moons, probably a couple years. I made sum friends here and it seems a few of them are still here, so some may also remember me.

I took a leave of this place because I was overwhelmed with the stories I read and my own story. I was angry that some people left, didnt come back, and who knows what happened to them. I was angry that some had success and making it; overcame mb/p. Angry that I am powerless. Angry that good things didn't happen for me. Angry that I don't have the support I need. Angry that I couldn't have the spirit or spiritual experiences.

I was ex'd in 2005 and hv been now rebaptised (Sept/2013) and this has all been an interesting experience for me. I do feel that my story is unique in a few ways, but way common in others.

I plan to come back to this site and post some more. Not totally sure whay I will say, but I'm sure it will come to me. I have to rethink my recovery plan, and start anew, and this site maybe part of it.



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