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By torrenca
5/10/2014 3:30:45 PM
First of all I haven't been to church meetings in over a year. My wife bless her heart takes our 5 children to church every Sunday. She is a returned missionary and is a temple recommend holder. I on the other hand chose a different path I was raised in the church but never got It I have had a mb problem since I was small. I think this effected then and now in a bad way. I have never felt worthy my whole life other than the short time when I got sealed. My wife with all of her imprefections was the best thing that has ever happened to me. She has brought me to a life that I never would of had. I was a devout bachelor that never wanted kids do to the hurt that I had growing up I had figured kids were better off with other people. Until my wife came into my life and bounced me on my head. I don't know what she saw in me then but I know she isn't seeing any of that now.

Last July was my eldest sons birthday he got ordained to Teacher. I hadn't been to church for four months before this and wasn't planning on setting him apart. I told him that he should ask someone else. He told the bishop this and bishop came over to my house with his family to visit he pulled me outside and told me to basic ly buck up and use your priesthood. I told him that I didn't feel worthy to do this. I did end up ordaining him. I wish that I could have been stronger and told him we needed to talk at the church but I didn't. His 16 year old son and my 15yr old daughter (whole other subject since I told him his son wasn't welcome at my house and I didn't want my daughter at his house. Needless to say I have a history with my bishop and don't feel comfortable talking with him.

I guess my question is do I have to talk to my daughters boyfriends dad that I have had a run in with? He is my bishop after all I do need to talk to someone. I just don't want it to be him. Yesterday I wanted tell him to remove my name from the church records and give up on trying to save my family. today after some sole searching I want to try to save my family if its not to late.

Is there a way to get an online sponsor?


Make the appointment!    
"Brother - please make the appointment - I hear what you are saying about the conflict and yet he is the one currently called to be your Bishop - but that being said, you can go talk with one of your Stake Presidency members if you are really uncomfortable with your Bishop - that may be a better move for you. I am happy to see you reaching out and desiring to make a change in your life, if not for yourself than your family - but ultimately in helping your family you will also be helping yourself.

I have been in my recovery from p/mb for several years now and have been doing very well in rebuilding my relationship with my wife and establishing the true bonds of love and intimacy that we both want in our relationships. I would be happy to be an online sponsor/accountability partner for you and getting to know you better. I can tell you have a great love for your family and I am proud of that brother! you can email me at and we can go from there.

WarriorOn while remaining WarriorStrong - No Matter the Cost!!

(oh ps - I was known as WhiteWolf on here before and have several posts from that era of my recovery - I just started back here as WarriorOn to give back to a great community of brothers in battle.)"
posted at 11:01:24 on May 11, 2014 by warrioron
"I just posted a novel on your other post. Sorry to bug you again.

Some Bishops are butt heads. Because some people are butt heads. And Bishops are people.

I really dislike my Bishop right now. He is a butt head.

But you know what? It doesn't matter. Because I am a butt head too. Go talk to your butt head Bishop if you can, but if you can't then go talk to your stake president. But go talk to somebody. There are online sponsors I've heard about, but I am not sure of the sites. I'll try and talk to some people and see if we can pull up some resources for you.

Just try not to let other people's issues trigger you and stop you from having the life you want. It is not too late. You may have to do some things you think you can't do, but it actually starts getting pretty awesome when you bust down some of those walls. Sometimes it is even fun and even funny.

Speaking of funny, I once screamed at a Bishop in the hallway. Wasn't funny at the time. But it is hilarious now. (that wasn't my current Bishop btw...I actually liked that one) Us addicts are crazy. Anyway, don't give up just yet. My hubby and I've been pretty low. I mean REALLY low. Oh the stories I could tell you! But we are still hanging in there. And things are hopeful. If we can work on things....ANYONE can!"
posted at 10:26:53 on May 16, 2014 by maddy
"Your Bishop is your judge in Israel, not your counselor, sponsor, or anything else. There is a lot of bad advise that comes from a bishop. But there is also a lot of tough love that can come from a bishop. Like the previous poster said, talk to your stake president and tell him you don't feel comfortable talking to your bishop if you think that would be better.

Getting a Sponsor is absolutely essential. I got mine at They'll put you through a rigorous program but you will find God and will finally realize what you've been missing all these years. I have!

Hang in there, if you can't get to ARP meetings in your area, look up SA meetings. These meetings are better in some ways. They are full of people with years of sobriety."
posted at 22:53:22 on May 29, 2014 by Anonymous

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