17, and I'm addicted to porn
By HelpMe2
1/5/2014 11:45:32 PM
I need help. I started Masterb@ting when I was 13, when a friend told me about it. I didn't realize it was wrong until later. Then I began looking up porn whenever I could. 4 years later and many relapses and having told my bishop a few times, I have decide to seek more help here. So if anyone would like to help me by being an accountability partner, I would really appreciate it. Email me:
I just need someone who would message me daily and say "how you doing"


You can just report on this site every day and let us know how you're doing, or ask for help, etc.    
"Sometimes it's dangerous to put your email address online. Tons of weirdos out there, plus you might just get spammed, or be sent a virus, etc. Or some jerk might send you porn. Too much of a risk, IMO. IF you log on to this site, you can edit any of your own posts/blogs, so you can take out your email address at any time.

Think of this site as your cheering section. You can download the LDS Family Services Recovery Manual here, or you can purchase one from Deseret Book. Please do this, and work the steps (there are action steps at the end of each of the 12 chapters). I don't know if you can attend a 12 Step Recovery group meeting at your age (I think you have to be 18), but it would be a good thing if you could. Keep meeting with your bishop.

I think you can overcome this, but you won't be able to do it alone. You've done a great thing by reaching out and asking for help. This is a critical first step, because addictions thrive in secrecy.

Also, there's a 911 button in the upper left hand corner of this site. People click on that to ask for urgent help from someone on the site when they fear that they're going to relapse or whatever, and I think you can leave you an email address or even a phone number on that, but be very careful before you do that.

Anyway, welcome to the site and know that you are a beloved Child of God."
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Hang in There HELPME2    
Good to meet you. I pray for your success! Something that is helping me is understanding the chemicals involved inaddiction, that there are chemicals relased that make a person feel good for a few minutes, but that when we realize what we've done we feel worse. I have three recommendations for you. The first echos what DOG said above, to get the manual for LDS AR and get involved. I've found in my experience that isolation and fear are two big driving forces that Satan uses against me to try and isolate myself from others. As I become more and more isolated I feel worse. It has been hard at times to go to the AR meeting, but as I have gone I learn that I am not the only one with my particular addiction, that other married men struggle with their wives with the emotions etc. Again a tool of Satan is isolation and fear.
The second thing I would recommend is the book Like Dragons they did fight, it is a book geared toward addiction recovery with porn. It explains a lot of the challenges that a person faces, but puts them in a way that it can be overcome. for years I would intermittenatly talk with my bishop about the challenges I faced as I worked my way through life. What I found was not a lot of people understood what the challenges were, especially at first it was you just need to stop. Now I think there is an understandnig more that there are chemicals involved that need to be controlled or managed.
I lied I said I had three ideas, I actuallyl have four. The third idea is the cure the craving program. It is a free program that also deals with the addiction problem and offers support. I just started about three weeks ago and have really learned a lot.
The fourth idea is to keep a gratitude journal. Something I struggle with is not being grateful, or not appreciating the little things. Instead I get caught up in what I don't have. That is particularly difficult for me because of physical disability and some serious financial problems we are facing. Too often it is easy to get overwhelmed by "how bad" things are and how they are never going to get better. One thing that led me to my acting out was some disappointment after I graduated from college. Because things didn't go the way that I had planned and I began to struggle financially, my beliefs that God didn't love me were reinforced and I didn't think that what I did mattered. I was hurt and out to get revenge or make someone else hurt, that I had "lived my life up to that point living the Gospel" and hadn't recieved the blessings that I needed. As I look back on it though I realized that this was a not true, that the masterb@ting had been going on before, and that my attitude was not correct. As I have worked to take each day one at a time, I have begun appreciating the little things that help with the gratitude journal.

Hang in there!!!

My question is, how are you doing? I would be happy to help you stay accountable, I am needing the same thing. I feel it would be more appropriate to meet here in the forums, I look forward to hearing from you!!"
posted at 07:40:58 on January 8, 2014 by sjanderson

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