My Return to this site
By HumbleMatt
11/20/2013 7:52:03 PM
Today marks a turning point for me. I haven't visited this site in a long time. And for awhile have given up hope of any true recovery, until recently.

I do not know where I should start. I have been an addict to porn for a long time and recently online gamming.

I know I need help. But I do not have money to go to a therapist or to meetings. It is hard for me to get to any recovery meetings; so I will post here.

I would welcome any help from members that could help.



Hang in there, take it one day at a time    
Welcome back. I am going through some tough things myself right now, exacerbated by a tough situation at home. I think that it is important to remember that there is always one person who loves us that is the Savior. I know at times it seems a little hollow for me having grown up in the Church "I know" all the answers, but it is the applying and really doing it that makes all the difference.

You are in my prayers!"
posted at 17:20:35 on November 21, 2013 by sjanderson
Thank you SJ    
"I wish there was someway that we could communicate Anonymously with one another. I think that you and I have very much in common. I have ready your post on I am afraid and alone, and your last comment from that blog.

My wife also is very hostile towards me and any recovery that I take to help in my addiction. Unfortunately our wives sometimes do not understand this addiction to help us out. I know my wife does not. They want to protect themselves and their families. But it is abusive behavior. The only thing we can do is love them. We cannot control what they say or will do. The only thing that we can do is be kind and loving to them. I know that is not the answer. And I understand where you are coming from I really do. So I propose something for both of us. To stay in touch and help one another. Along with the people here and our meetings when we can get to them. Isn't that what we are commanded to do when we were baptized? "To bare each others burdens, so that they may be light?" I believe that this is to be true of us addicts. If others are unwilling to help and support? we must of ourselves help one another. Together we can beat these addictions.

And you are in my prayers! All of you."
posted at 19:40:47 on November 21, 2013 by HumbleMatt
"You don't need money to go to meetings. The church ones are free. AA, SA, SAA, SLAA...If you don't have the money to donate, just go to the meeting. Find a way. Plus, there are plenty of online or phone meetings available for you to attend.

So go to a meeting. Get a sponsor. Work the program. You can do this."
posted at 08:40:09 on November 23, 2013 by Anonymous

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"I need not define your specific problem to help you overcome it. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it violates the commandments of the Lord, it comes from Satan, and the Lord can overcome all of Satan’s influence through your application of righteous principles. Please understand that the way back is not as hard as it seems to you now. Satan wants you to think that it is impossible. That is not true. The Savior gave His life so that you can completely overcome the challenges you face. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990