Question about facilitators for ARP program?
By harveyf
11/18/2013 6:46:45 PM
I have been around for many years involved with the Church’s program. Since its inception of the hand book for the arp program, the qualifications of a facilitator to be able to serve in the program is that the facilitator be clean and sober for no less than 12 months. At a missionary conference at SLC a few years ago, I attended and asked the head of LDSFS if that time frame was set in stone. I was told no, it was not, and that the Bishop should determine the appropriate amount of time necessary to be able to serve. They said that “it should be determined by the spirit”. I asked why it is on the facilitator form, if it is not set in stone. I was told that it was just a guide line. I mentioned that how is a Bishop or anyone else to know what is a hard fast rule and what is not. I did not get a reply.
We have changed the facilitator form to say “length of time to be determined by the Bishop”. Everything has been going fine until just recently our Coordinator has come out and reiterated the one year rule, and that we are to discontinue having our most recovered member be the facilitator for the evening in the event one of our normal ones did not show up. I am a big advocate of Guest facilitators to find out if they are a fit for the job or if the job is a fit for them. I am so concerned that many of our groups do not have a facilitator and with this enforcement of policy, will not get one for at least a year, if all goes well. I am a recovering addict and a missionary. I know that It is more important to have a facilitator there, than a missionary. I’m sure there are those who will argue that point. Not to have a facilitator in a meeting is a waste of a meeting, as compared to a meeting with one. This new push for the old policy IS IT JUST HERE IN LAS VEGAS OR IS IT ALL OVER?. This is the best place to find out what is going on in other parts of the country. I also want to know what is going on with the family support program are they ever going to come out with something?
Brother harvey


No Facilitator    
"I have been to meetings that had no facilitatorl, here in Salt Lake City, and those meetings seemed okay."
posted at 20:03:07 on November 18, 2013 by Anonymous
Utah Valley and elsewhere    
"The good ARP meetings I attended in Utah Valley had facilitators. The less good ones did not. It seemed to be about a fifty fifty split. Now that I live in the eastern US, I only have one ARP meeting to attend, and it never has a facilitator, which makes it not so great."
posted at 21:45:18 on November 18, 2013 by ETTE
Getting one    
"Here in WA state, we have had a missionary lead our ARP group w/ out a facilitator, and our group has been fantastic. I do know they recently, ( last week) asked someone to be a facilitator, so we will be adding that here. I am not clear of the roal of a facilitator, but I know the meetings won't get worse based on my personal knowledge of the facilitator. He is also my sponsor!!"
posted at 12:02:35 on November 19, 2013 by Anonymous

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