what is going to happen
By rogermerril
11/4/2013 9:52:05 AM
I was doing so good. I went a couple of weeks without having any problems and wasn't even thinking about anything bad and I slipped up again. I just want to get this all behind me and never think about it again. I feel so bad for what I do and I just wish I could leave it all behind and move on with my life. Apparently its not that easy. Is there anyone on here that can give me some advice or some hope of being able to get over this problem. I am so worried to date for fear that girls will hate me for this dumb problem I have. I also fear that I will never be able to get married for fear of slipping up. I don't ever want to put my wife through it.

Does anyone know what the routine discipline is for someone who has a pornography problem and masturbation? I'm just curious. I served a mission so I imagine its pretty bad. :( any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Not much    
"Nothing formal, but you will be placed on probation unless you fornicate or commit adultery."
posted at 14:09:45 on November 9, 2013 by Anonymous
What will happen?    
"It depends on your sincerity and your Bishop but for the most part you should be fine. With that being said, that is the least of your problems. Concentrate on being healed and everything else will work itself. Some people have suggested the Tony Litster prn program. That may give you some good insight into your problems."
posted at 15:45:42 on November 9, 2013 by jakey
Jesus Christ    
"He is the way, the truth, and the light! I know this now more than I ever have before. I will post more on this soon.

In the meantime, please invite him into your heart, with all of your heart... and stay tuned. "
posted at 01:35:24 on November 11, 2013 by angelmom
what will i do    
"I am so worried guys. i want to be a good guy but this problem just never seems to go away. i'm s worried i will never get the type of girl i want and i will always be worrying about this stupid problem that i have. i am really down on myself. what type of girl would ever want to go out with a guy like me. idk i think this problem has got the best of me."
posted at 22:40:05 on November 11, 2013 by rogermerril
My own experience    
"My own experience was nearly a year on probation. Begining the process I was very resentful to the Lord and the Bishop because I saw the financial problems that my wife was having and couldn't seem to let go of those things. As I had to work through the hard steps of repentece though I have come to appreciate the experience. The frustrating part for me is that everytime I think I am puttin this behind me, the addiction in some form rears its ugly head. The last couple of weeks it has been in the form of arguing with my wife and I think it is Satan's work to try and distract and pull me off the little sobriety I have.

back to the experience with Church discipline I worked with three different Bishops, it wasn't until I came to the third Bishop that I was put on prohbation. Looking at it I realize that I needed that wake up call the third time, to get ready to help my daughter be baptized. It was certainly embarrasing to know that I wasn't worthy or included at first. However as I have worked my way back I think one of the caluses that kept me from feeling the Spirit was worn off of my heart, making me a little more kind and little more loving and sensitive to the Spirit.

One thing that helped me was the kind words of an ARP group leader a few years ago in which he said it doesn't matter how far you go in this life it is what direction your feet are pointed when you leave this world. That gave me so much hope, even thought I am beset by negative thoughts about myself, my family and my life every day and I am working hard to overcome them and be grateful for my little spot in life. Hang in there!! I want to promise you that it will get better because that is what I want to hear myself. As an addict though I am not sure I can make any promises of any kind to anyone. I have hope in the words of Elder Holland, that we can get through this, that there are better days ahead, and so I am going to hope that it will get better for all of us, and most importantlyl that we can recognize His Hand in our lives!"
posted at 09:11:59 on November 12, 2013 by sjanderson

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