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By rogermerril
11/4/2013 9:42:56 AM
I was doing so good. I went a couple of weeks without having any problems and wasn't even thinking about anything bad and I slipped up again. I just want to get this all behind me and never think about it again. I feel so bad for what I do and I just wish I could leave it all behind and move on with my life. Apparently its not that easy. Is there anyone on here that can give me some advice or some hope of being able to get over this problem. I am so worried to date for fear that girls will hate me for this dumb problem I have. I also fear that I will never be able to get married for fear of slipping up. I don't ever want to put my wife through it.

Does anyone know what the routine discipline is for someone who has a pornography problem and masturbation? I'm just curious. I served a mission so I imagine its pretty bad. :( any advice would be greatly appreciated.


According to the church handbook...    
"Pornography and masturbation do not require formal discipline. This means the bishop can take your temple recommend and tell you to stop taking the sacrament, but he can't do much more than that."
posted at 11:41:20 on November 4, 2013 by ette
Have you    
"Been going to addiction recovery meetings? Do you have a sponsor? Have you seen a certified sex addiction therapist? There are many tools you can put in your recovery toolbox."
posted at 12:23:48 on November 4, 2013 by Anonymous
Whatever it takes    
"This does not go away until you are truly willing to do whatever it takes. Anything and everything. You must be willing to lay your own son on the altar of sacrifice, if that's what it takes to please God.

And the truth is, when you are finally, truly to that point, ready and willing to do everything, God provides a ram, and he does it all for you.

I used to think there were a million things I had to do to be free of the addiction, and then I could "move on" and get back to my life.

The truth is I need to rearrange my entire life and live it better--live it for God. It's not my life at all, it's his. Then he takes away the addiction."
posted at 14:52:17 on November 4, 2013 by beclean
How long?    
"i feel for you brother. It truly is hard but you can make it through and become clean again, Does anyone have an idea of how long it takes to repent for pornography use and masturbation? im just curious to know how long and serious this sin is and how long the general repentence process is?"
posted at 01:38:36 on November 6, 2013 by Anonymous
Some thoughts    
"You don't worry about how long; you just take it one day at a time. God gives you each day as a new day. And all the days until God frees you may be as many as the days you struggled with the problem before you finally decided to surrender completely and do whatever it takes.

Or, it could be as few as 90 days, the amount of time it takes to radically alter your habits and change the way you live your life. You need to learn how to cope with life in new ways and how to take care of your mind, body, and spirit, so you aren't constantly craving a fix.

If you're unwilling to change your lifestyle, your habits, your food (diet), exercise, sleep, scripture study, prayer, meditation, music, and personal understanding of grace, works, and your own worth... I doubt you'll ever really overcome. So, however long it takes for that.

The amount of time a bishop will want you to be clean is a little different for each bishop. A year is a safe bet.

I've given several answers. The amount of time is different for each person.

But, truthfully, I think if you're asking, "how long is this going to take?" you probably haven't yet arrived at the mindset of recovery. It's going to take as long as it's going to take, and you just keep getting up and turning back to God, asking him to guide you and free you. And he will.

I promise he will."
posted at 07:30:22 on November 6, 2013 by beclean
"Hey Roger,

There is an end in sight. It is just a matter of you having faith, picking yourself up when you fall and keep moving forward.

Do you have someone that you can report to and check in with. It can always be helpful to have someone to talk to, to check in with, and to be accountable to.

You are not alone."
posted at 21:59:31 on November 6, 2013 by CptMoroni

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