One of my many questions.
By skyteamst90
4/14/2007 8:20:15 AM

This gets me still. Some people have explained it to me, but I don't get it STILL

The lord doesn't want to tell us what to do all the time, ie the martin harris episode. And I have been chastized because I have talked with people that is how I aproached prayer. People are like you have to study it out in your mind, and then bring it to the LORD. And then he will direct you.

But that doesn't make sense with how your suppose to live by the spirit and only do the LORD's can you know what his will is, unless he tells you? Figuring out on your own, seems fruitless...I don't think you can any other way, right? I don't know. This just doesnt make sense to me.

There is also the brother of JARED episode, he used his melon too, but that seems to be the exception.

So how do you know the differnce? How do you know what to do? Isn't being lead by the spirit knowing what he wants? Wouldn't that him 'telling you what to do'?

Does this make sense? -or-am i just really confused?


Some Motherly Advice    
"As you can see from my login name, I will hopefully offer some “motherly” advice. I know you didn’t ask for it, but hey – Mom’s give advice whether or not it’s asked for right? That’s what God put us here for :). I want you to know that a few weeks back when I read your first message to this site I ended up in tears and spent the next several minutes on my knees in your behalf. Since then I have read several things you have posted and now I would like to share something with you that I would say to my own son if he were in your position (which he was about a year ago). First of all – I learned a very important lesson in life several years back. I, too, used to have tons of questions about every little thing and would often agonize, feeling a need to have all of them answered. In many ways the gospel is very simple, but then in other ways it seems so very complex. I tended to wallow in the “complex” part of it, feeling that I needed the answer to every little jot and tittle before I could proceed. Then one evening I went to the temple and as so often is the case for me, I was given an answer to a prayer I had prayed about years before. I wasn’t even looking for the answer at the time, but apparently it was the Lord’s time to teach it to me. It happened when the narrative between the angel and Adam takes place. I am sure I can share this with you as it is also found in The Pearl of Great Price (Moses 4). The account states that “Adam was obedient unto the commandments of the Lord. And after many days an angel of the Lord appeared unto Adam, saying: Why dost thou offer sacrifices unto the Lord? And Adam said unto him: I know not, save the Lord commanded me”. Following this simple act of faith the angel then went on to reveal to Adam the answer to one of the greatest questions ever asked. When the account states “many days” it literally was several generations of Adam’s family before this revelation was given to him. For literally years, the only thing Adam knew was that he had been kicked out of the Lord's presence (excommunicated) and had been given no new knowledge about whether there was any way for him to come back. His only hope was just to do what the Lord asked him. Meanwhile for years - here was Adam doing what probably seemed to be a very strange thing . He could have been thinking things like: “What do you mean I have to kill the firstlings of my flocks? What a big waste! Why would God have me do such a sillly and wasteful thing? Just think about how many of my children, grandchildren, etc. this could feed. This just doesn’t make any sense to me. Etc.” However, he did not spend his time asking for all of the answers in advance. He simply obeyed. He also didn’t give up when his prayers were not answered immediately. Again – it was many days (in actuality - many generations). He could easily have lost faith and just quit, but he didn’t and eventually he received his answer. This is an amazing account of what Adam did and indeed what all of us need to do. We need to have the faith to just obey. AFTER the obedience come the answers. We do not need to have the answers in advance. Just act. Just start obeying. Say your prayers (even if you don’t think God is listening or answering), go to church, read your scriptures, serve in any way you can. I know you are excommunicated, but there are things you can do in these areas. Faith truly does precede the miracle. How do you overcome? D & C 132:50 “Behold, I have seen your sacrifices (obedience, faith etc.) and will forgive ALL your sins. I have seen your sacrifices in OBEDIENCE to that which I have told you. Go, therefore, and I make a way for your escape. This is pretty plain. It doesn’t need to be questioned. It just needs to be acted upon. I don’t pretend to know everything about this addiction, but I will tell you that I have addictive tendencies of my own and I believe most people do to one degree or another. I have learned a few things (and I think they apply to whatever addictive tendencies many of us have (in my case overeating, in perhaps another’s gossiping, lying, etc.). The one thing that is important to understand is that we are children of God with Godly potential. His greatest gift to us is the gift to choose our eternal destiny. We can choose eternal life or eternal damnation by our own choices and actions. We are not helpless in these matters, even though Satan would have us believe otherwise. It is our choice. We just have to choose (sacrifice) God’s will instead of our own. It was the final lesson the Savior taught. He chose God’s will even though he asked three different times for it to be different. In the end he acted upon what he knew God wanted him to do. It is no different than what we need to do. I once had a bishop that shared with me something I have never forgotten. He commented that "every single person living on this earth is greater than their greatest sin". .May God bless you in your journey. With God's help you can do this. Don't question....just act."
posted at 16:43:35 on April 15, 2007 by Mother In Zion
to motherinzion    
"wow, you prayed for me? me a totally stranger, you prayed for me? i am sure there are others, cause they have said so also...i am just overwhelemed that someone would do that for me, after all i have done and said, and the stupid ways i have thank you. even with maybe you knew how i felt then, or just felt something. thankyou.

thank you for the words. i know that i have given up and i have lost my ground. i really felt a few months ago, that i made ONE STEP. on lousy step. of course cause i am a dork, i fell on my face again. everything is wrong. but i suppose for right now, i could comitt to pray even if he isnt listening or answering prayers to warren. i did try to pray the other night, but i spent so much time saying i couldn't do it and i couldn't ask for stuff...

i think in the last few lines you wrote, you said christ acted upon what he knew what his father wanted him to do...maybe if i knew that things would go a little better or smoother...i don't know.

but i will try to pray here and report something in a day or too."
posted at 17:16:38 on April 15, 2007 by skyteamst90
Just act without question    
"I just wanted to say that I agree so much with what Mother in Zion has said. Sometimes we do get caught up in all the why's, and if's, and but's etc. that we get trapped in our own thinking and can't get past those thoughts. Many times, just doing what we know we should without questioning or trying to come up with reasons brings the reasons or the answers and we can finallyunderstand. I know that has happened to me several times in my life. I am grateful for those experience of acting on faith because then that faith turns into knowledge and understanding and you don't question anymore."
posted at 06:47:36 on April 16, 2007 by julieann
"Thanks, I will try this and see what happens. Slowly trying to get things together and being able to pray. This is so hard. This feels like a rusted bolt that just wont come know. We'll how it goes, and it is really hard to do something when the X is such a crab head....
i will let you guys know"
posted at 16:48:06 on April 18, 2007 by skyteamst90

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