'If God Loves me, then why this?'
By skyteamst90
4/14/2007 8:12:11 AM
A book by KIM A NELSON, which is a boy...put out by deseret.

A friend of mine, gave me this book, and I have started to read it. It has been good thus far. The first chapter is about the pre mortal experience. I think I will re-read it, as I like to read chapters twice to see if I missed anything and to see if something else stands out.

It first explains somehow we got here in simple easy terms. The whole war in heaven and stuff...

We dont really have a whole lot of detailed info about this, other than a few accounts in rev & d&c, here and there. maybe there is some stuff in the pearl of great price. I wish we did.

It doesnt make much sense to me that we would live there and then forget everything and live by faith, and fail at times. How we would have so much knowledge and then come here and all that time and knowledge useless and no value to us...nothing to fall back on , nothing to remember, nothing to help us make choices.


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