Getting Started ... again
By adrastos
2/12/2013 2:32:41 PM
I'm trying to kick my butt into gear to get back on the bandwagon.

I've not had a good history of sobriety. And getting started, seriously getting started is hard. Its like trying to talk myself into following my diet.

For you guys who have had problems with MB and self-abuse, what did you do differently when you got out of a serious rut?


Beating the Adversary    
"Pray. Read the scriptures. Talk to my bishop. Basically just surround myself with the things I knew would help me feel the Spirit again. Just remember--just because this time, you are getting started "again", does't mean you ever need to have another "again" moment. You must remember that you are stronger than the adversary. He does not have a body, and will try to get you to abuse the gift you've been given. You give him an inch, and he'll take a mile from you. But unfortunately for him, you have the Lord. And the Lord will never give up on you. Stay strong, and have lots of conversations with your Heavenly Father. You won't regret it."
posted at 08:10:36 on February 15, 2013 by Anonymous
"I have been having a difficult time with my thoughts. Lately I have been reading a lot from the book called: "The Miracle of Forgiveness." It has really helped."
posted at 01:10:30 on February 17, 2013 by Anonymous
Getting back on track    
"getting back on track requires radical change. if we keep doing things the way we've been doing them, then nothing is likely to change. You need to dig deep (the 12-step program helps a ton!) and find out why it is you really turn to self-abuse so often. Then you need to find healthy ways of facing those problems. Your problem isn't self-abuse, it's that you've trained yourself to turn to it because of other issues. Find out the other issues and face them with the help of God. Don't be afraid to make the sacrifice and the effort needed. It's worth it."
posted at 15:58:29 on February 22, 2013 by recovery.gdo
I look forward to the future    
"The first step is to look forward. Do not look at the downside brush it off and move forward there is no time for rest because if you take time to mope it it is only going to bring you down. Make a goal. That helps allot some thing to look forward to 4 weeks ago I took the sacrament and in a month and a half I can finally fill my mission papers. Count down the days. And keep in mind your soberity date. Mine Jan 11 2013. I also have this bracelet that says STAND (I wrote on it) For... (on the back it says ) future love, children, god and my mother. This reminds me as a physical reminder that I am fighting for something."
posted at 18:48:31 on February 27, 2013 by Liberation
Keep trying    
"I went through a phase where I just didn't feel motivated to stop P or M. But I didn't just give up and stop going to churrch. It was really, really hard to maintain church attendance, but I did, and now I'm feeling more and more motivated to be clean for good. The most important thing you can do is continue trying to care. Eventually, if you keep at it, it will happen.

Now that I'm beginning to feel strong spiritual feelings again, I find listening to talks and BYU devotionals helps me be more motivated. I find that if I focus on being a better Christian and acting more Christ-like during the day, I my motivation also increases more. Hopefully this helps!"
posted at 20:24:03 on March 2, 2013 by johnroberts

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