Help needed and wanted
By joshbc
1/29/2013 10:31:55 AM
Hello i am a 31 year old man. I have struggled with masturbation for 17 year and porn for 14. I am tired of this holding me back. I have gone to my bishop and i have ask for his help with the recovery steps. I am excited and scared all at the same time. I dont want to fail. Please anyone who has been addicted to this same terrible stuff please contact me and help me with this. Someone else to talk to would be great. Things that helped you or just someone else i can trust and wont judge me. I love my saviour and i miss him. Please any help or words would be great. Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you.


You Will Fail...    
"...At first. But that's okay! Don't expect yourself to get over it cold turkey, but you WILL make progress if you work at it. If I have one piece of advice, its to not beat yourself up over every little slip up that you make. This is a process, and as long as you're making progress you're on the right path. In fact, its really a path that you'll be on for the rest of your life. Its not a path of "No More P&M", its a path of controlling your passions and drawing near the Lord. Stay strong, brother! I'm 27 and have been struggling for around 14 as well."
posted at 14:28:01 on January 29, 2013 by fatherofone
A strategy that worked for me    
"I had the same problem. My bishop is a former cigarette smoker. He quit successfully with the help of nicotine patches and gum. He says quitting an addiction cold turkey makes your brain go haywire. He helped me devise a Nicorette plan for porn.

Get a calender. Mine had cat pictures bc cats are funny. Schedule porn for 3 times a week for a month. The next month, 2 times per week. The next month porn once a week, mb without porn once a week. Next month, mb twice per month but no porn. Etc. You can make the specifics of your own calender but STICK TO THE SCHEDULE and you'll find success. Don't break the schedule. Just don't, no matter what.
Good luck."
posted at 14:50:34 on January 29, 2013 by Anonymous
from same anon    
"ps, if anyone else might see the calendar, use code words. e.g. i wrote: "do yoga.""
posted at 14:52:39 on January 29, 2013 by Anonymous
"Thank you so much for.all the help. This and keep sending ideas please. I have a beautiful family and i dont want to hurt them anymore."
posted at 14:56:59 on January 29, 2013 by Joshbc
"Was the wife OK with your schedule?"
posted at 15:07:44 on January 29, 2013 by beclean
Good guestion    
"Do you struggle with the same problem as me? My wife doesnt know yet. I dont want to break her heart. I will tell her just when i am ready."
posted at 15:23:41 on January 29, 2013 by Joshbc
"I am unsure what to say. I have the same problems and am also looking for people to relate to. If you ever need someone to talk to or rant to Im hre. I find it helps me when things are stressful or when I need temptations are strong. I also find that when I tire myself out and keep myself busy I have no time to do bad things. Scriptures, fasting and sometimes I just write. Notebooks and journals are my best friends. I also find that being around people and in public helps. Now I am just starting out too and I cant say that these things are foolproof, but I hope that they somewhat help. Good luck."
posted at 17:39:18 on January 29, 2013 by seeker
12 Step Program    
"...worked with a sponsor.*

*Sponsor being someone who was addicted and recovered by working the 12 Steps successfully. Preferably, someone with substantial time clean from p&m. (At least 2 years)
Good Luck!!"
posted at 20:22:48 on January 29, 2013 by Anonymous

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"Lucifer will do all in his power to keep you captive. You are familiar with his strategy. He whispers: “No one will ever know.” “Just one more time.” “You can’t change; you have tried before and failed.” “It’s too late; you’ve gone too far.” Don’t let him discourage you. When you take the path that climbs, that harder path of the Savior, there are rewards along the way. When you do something right, when you resist temptation, when you meet a goal, you will feel very good about it. It is a very different kind of feeling than you have when you violate commandments—an altogether different feeling. It brings a measure of peace and comfort and provides encouragement to press on. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990