Church today
By Smallnsimple
1/6/2013 8:26:06 PM
I made it early to church today and stayed for all three hours. It was the first time going to all three meetings in a long time. I forgot that we switched schedules and I even went to an hour of the other ward to;-)

I am going to attend an SA meeting tonight. I have been looking back at myself an realizes just how far away from the gospel I have gotten over the last 6 years.

Recovery has become a part of my life now. It is a positive work I can accomplish daily. It use to be purely shame but now I see it differently. It is a part of my life. It is a work that creates opportunities for service and a chance to get closer to my father in heaven.

Have a great night everyone.


Great to hear    
"hey man, congrats on going to church - that's a great step. hopefully you experienced love and acceptance from them, I always have. Keep up the good decisions and be patient. Remember that recovery is like planting and nourishing a seed and will take time, effort, hope, and patience. Good luck!"
posted at 08:32:40 on January 7, 2013 by recovery.gdo
"Sounds like you're making progress. Keep it up :)"
posted at 08:53:44 on January 7, 2013 by g1rlie
Thank you!    
"I appreciate the kind words. Yes one step at a time and keep making good decisions. They were nice and it was good to be there. It's tough in some ways and great in others. No matter what though its where I need to be."
posted at 09:04:49 on January 7, 2013 by Smallnsimple

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"Each one who resolves to climb that steep road to recovery must gird up for the fight of a lifetime. But a lifetime is a prize well worth the price. This challenge uniquely involves the will, and the will can prevail. Healing doesn’t come after the first dose of any medicine. So the prescription must be followed firmly, bearing in mind that it often takes as long to recover as it did to become ill. But if made consistently and persistently, correct choices can cure. "

— Russell M. Nelson

General Conference, October 1988