Traveling for work
By Workingonit
12/12/2012 10:15:00 AM
I am currently sitting in the airport on the cusp of a 3 night 4 day business trip. I prayed this morning that temptation would pass me by during this trip and that my wife would be comforted in knowing that I will be "safe." These are very hard times. I am still fairly fresh in my sobriety, so I wanted to ask what are something's you guys do to stay on the straight and narrow while traveling.


Way to be proactive    
"Congratulations on thinking ahead and recognizing the dangers that come with traveling. I struggle with the same thing and do a lot of traveling for work. I know many of the temptations that come with the territory.

At various times I've tried never turning on the tv, reading books, writing in a journal, spending as much time as possible with others I travel with, visiting tourist sites when possible, staying out of my room until I know I'm tired and then go straight to bed, exercise, skyping with my wife and kids, getting outside of myself however that's possible, etc.

Best of luck. You can do this. Just think how happy your wife will be when you get home."
posted at 10:33:00 on December 12, 2012 by yosemitesam
Beware of yourself    
"Pres. Perkins priesthood session talk comes to mind. Take a look at it.

Alone time is the hardest for addicts - I would suggest asking God what he would have you do when temptation comes (cause let's face it, temptations will almost certainly come). He will tell you ways to avoid it and help you think of an escape plan.

Other things on top of that - don't even turn on a tv. Only use internet for absolute necessities and NEVER just surf around. Satan will try to get you to first use one of your gateway actions and trick you to thinking you'll be able to stop there. Stay as far away from channels of acting out as possible - any step in that direction is a wrong step.

have a follow up with your wife each day about your decisions that day and try to catch anything remotely in that direction. the earlier you catch and fix things, the sooner you can knock them out so they don't build on one another.

Good luck! You can do this with God!"
posted at 11:48:50 on December 12, 2012 by recovery.gdo
"sorry, that's Elder Perkins. He was my mission president so I have a habit of calling him president Perkins. It's the one from the most recent conference priesthood session."
posted at 11:49:52 on December 12, 2012 by recovery.gdo
Good plan!    
"I think it is imperative that you have a plan. The advice given above is excellent except in would like to suggest that you do not make your wife your accountability person. It needs to be your sponsor or another male that knows what you are going through. It is not good for spouses to know the details of your temptations. Details are hard for a wife to forget and when similar circumstances arise it will trigger her. Just be honest with her about your actions. Skip the details...."
posted at 16:30:43 on December 12, 2012 by Hero
"... for the encouraging words and advice. Things are going good so far. I will write more tonight when I get a chance. I am pretty busy, which is not a bad thing in my case. "
posted at 17:50:55 on December 12, 2012 by workingonit
You can do it!    
"Just wanted to say you can do this! You're probably almost done with your trip so this is late advice, but I've heard of people taking remote controls to the front desk or even asking for televisions to be removed before they check into their rooms. I like the concept of phone-in meetings. If anything, that will keep you busy for a while. Best of luck and think about the enabling power of the atonement."
posted at 22:56:31 on December 14, 2012 by Anonymous
Made it    
"I am at the end of my trip and I will consider it a success. I left the tv off for the most part (a little basketball and some news) prayed for strength, had very in depth talks with my wife and focused hard on not letting my eyes and mind wonder while in public. Thanks for all your comments. They really helped inspire me."
posted at 09:22:57 on December 15, 2012 by workingonit
"Awesome! That is an amazing accomplishment. Wow. I'm at a point where I don't dare travel because I've messed up the last couple of times I've gone. Someday, like yourself, I will be okay with travelling."
posted at 07:49:30 on December 16, 2012 by Anonymous
"Great job! You've found some good principles to help you toward recovery. Keep working them and basing your faith in Christ and things will slowly (but surely) get easier. Keep it up!"
posted at 08:00:11 on December 19, 2012 by recovery.gdo
Right On!    
"Inspiring. Way to go!"
posted at 14:57:04 on December 19, 2012 by SimonLeper

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