Church today
By Smallnsimple
12/9/2012 2:18:18 PM
I went to church today. I was late, I made it for priesthood and paid my tithing. It was good to go today. Next week I plan to go for more time. I have stayed away for over a month. Since my divorce it has been hard to go. Things are returning more and more back to something normal. I didn't seem as awkward today. I am feeling better about church and my outlook on recovery.


Well done!    
"Way to go with going to church today. I feel like I'm in the same boat. I am disfellowshipped and it is difficult to go. I feel like everyone is watching when I don't take the sacrament, and my priesthood leaders know I'm not supposed to pray or give a lesson. That can only mean one thing. So I haven't made it to Sunday School or Priesthood the past two weeks. I think I will try to go next week, but I'm afraid of being asked to do something I can't and having to turn them down. Sometimes I feel like going to church is more trouble than it's worth."
posted at 21:28:15 on December 9, 2012 by yosemitesam
For real    
"I'm not allowed to take the sacrament, either. I don't know whether or not anyone notices whether or not I am taking the sacrament or that I'm not allowed to pray etc. But, I am going to church for myself and for my own salvation. If anyone has a problem with me being there, screw them, I'm going anyway."
posted at 16:40:37 on December 10, 2012 by Anonymous
"It is not easy but it is a great way to show to god our willigness to obey and the importance of the sacrifice of our lord. No matter what other think

Your friend from europe"
posted at 08:41:32 on December 12, 2012 by Mike81
Thank you for the comments    
"Yes it is true and I feel very blesses for going. I studied the atonement this past week and focused on just the physical pain the savior suffered and it has brought great understanding to my life. I am powerless over my addiction and the source of the power I need is at church.

I am so sad I have to miss church this week. I am traveling for work and will miss it. Not that I will actually miss it going to church is difficult, but miss the opportunity to go twice in a row. "
posted at 23:26:36 on December 15, 2012 by Smallnsimple

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"If, through our unrighteous choices, we have lost our footing on that path, we must remember the agency we were given, agency we may choose to exercise again. I speak especially to those overcome by the thick darkness of addiction. If you have fallen into destructive, addictive behaviors, you may feel that you are spiritually in a black hole. As with the real black holes in space, it may seem all but impossible for light to penetrate to where you are. How do you escape? I testify the only way is through the very agency you exercised so valiantly in your premortal life, the agency that the adversary cannot take away without your yielding it to him. "

— Robert D. Hales

General Conference, April 2006