Human Nature? Natural Man?
By SeminaryKid
12/4/2012 5:48:19 PM
I have currently about 70 days of sobriety under my belt, so to speak. God has been merciful in that most of this time has been relatively free of overwhelming temptations. Thank You Lord!
But the last two or three days have been a little more difficult. I am not really tempted to act out, but to just think about things which I shouldn't. Things which I haven't thought in a while. It is upsetting to me. But I pray and sing hymns to combat it.
Another thing that is troubling me, forgive my frankness, is that I will occasionally have dreams of a sexual nature, which usually end up in ejaculation. They make me question my sobriety period. Basically what I am asking is "Is this a sin?"
Is there something I can do to control these things? I do NOT want to slip. I am NOT going to allow myself to slip. I just don't want to flirt with that possibility.


Helps with sexual dreams    
"I don't know how much control we have over our dreams, if any. What has helped me have less sexual dreams is to pray to God before I sleep and ask Him for help to not have erotic dreams because He can help us do what we cannot do for ourselves. Hang in there."
posted at 06:33:04 on December 5, 2012 by Anonymous
"IMO wet dreams are NOT a sin. You can't do much about it. Its just the factory's way of getting rid of the excess materials. Don't worry too much about that part."
posted at 13:28:40 on December 5, 2012 by Anonymous
Agreed with, NO!    
"Wet dreams are no sin. Don't worry about the nocturnal emissions. But I have found that sometimes the dreams would stay with me and when I was weak then the images which were also recent memories with their unfortunate attache of lust, would cause me to slip up more than a few times. So instead of praying my natural bodily processes away--which is just a part of your mortal makeup--I would pray that I wouldn't remember the dreams.

This has been a big help to me. Many times I would have no memory of the dream. But please don't feel guilty about what happens when your sleeping. You have no control over it.

Good luck. You are not a bad man. Just a man with a common problem. Keep the faith and you will overcome!"
posted at 20:33:14 on December 7, 2012 by SimonLeper
Take a step back    
"1) 100% agree with above - you're not in control of what happens while you're asleep. Be careful that you don't use it as an out though, or an excuse if you wake up in the middle of the night.

2) Bad thoughts are a frustrating thing - I figure we spent years in this addiction and not controlling out thoughts, it's going to take the same amount of time, if not longer, making right decisions and controlling out thoughts. Don't give up or get impatient - this is going to take time. Just keep slowly but surely moving in the right direction.
Also, try to take a step back and understand why you struggle with bad thoughts. It's probably deeper than you think. For me, the times I really struggle with thoughts are when I am having a stressful day, or when I am angry, sad, or depressed.

Good luck and keep it up. Good decisions - one day at a time."
posted at 19:30:43 on December 10, 2012 by recovery.gdo
No, it's not a sin (wet dreams/nocturnal emissions)    
"and that isn't just my opinion, that was stated by Elder Boyd K. Packer. There seems to be some confusion on this issue. Just make certain that your thoughts and actions in your waking hours are pure. Don't get discouraged."
posted at 14:09:23 on December 14, 2012 by dog
Waking durning ejaculation    
"What if you wake up during ejaculation. Is it a sin then? I woke up and it was already happening and I had no control."
posted at 04:28:18 on June 2, 2013 by Anonymous

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