By christopher
12/1/2012 3:09:29 PM
Hi I am new and need some help. I got into pn and mb in 7th grade and became addicted and it lasted till this year my where I just graduated. I had got involved with drugs and alcohol my junior year and it was this january I wanted to change and I went and told m bishop everything and stopped immediately. The word of wisdom was easy to obey after that. I struggled with pn and mb for a while off an on and I had gone around a month sober and would slip. I finally became clean around august and started my mission papers and things were great. I got my mission call beginning of this month and I have started to slip again I don't know what to do I leave January second and I am meeting with my bishop tonight I know Satan is trying so hard. But I know I can do this I have prayed and read the book of Mormon and got my patriarchal blessing and it gives me so much strength. I know when I'm in tbe mission field it won't be a problem but I want to be able to have the spirit and teach through it. Will my bishop delay my leave date? It is next month but I know its possible for me to change I have done it before please help I feel like I have no hope if I have to leave later and that I will have crushed my parents and everyone that loves me.


There Is hope    
"I have also worried about hurting others because of my addiction. But I've come to realize, I need to recover no matter what. Maybe my lived ones are not happy about my addiction, but life as an addict is no life, so I've chosen recovery, even if it means my family knows. It is so worth it, brother. And you also may struggle still.on your mission. Praying for you."
posted at 15:22:28 on December 1, 2012 by Anonymous
I'll be praying for you too.    
"Tough stuff. How did it go with your Bishop? I can relate to everything you speak of. When I came back to the Church after finding out it was true I struggled for two years to get ready for my Mission because of pornography and masturbation. But I beat it, went on my mission, struggled mightily one night in the mission field and then the Lord delivered me. It wasn't until I was almost done and was a Zone leader that I drew my own porn and messed up. Calling my Mission President was the hardest thing I had ever done.

I confessed and put it behind me. I came home and soon fell into a depressive slump that lasted a very long time. It was about 3 weeks after I got home that I found some pornography and gave in to my addiction.

I hope you can put this acting out behind you. If you haven't realized yet you should know that you are an addict (my strong opinion). The Lord already knows this. He knows of your desire to serve and I believe He accepts your desire. But if you mess up again and are even held back from serving a mission for now, know that there is tremendous hope and all is not lost.

You and the people in your support group have to understand that you can still go on a Mission. But you need help, you need to address the underlying issues, get yourself a community of people who are going through this as well. Get yourself a group, a sponsor, some professional help and trust in the Lord's plan.

I went on my Mission when I was 24. There is so much hope and promise for you yet!"
posted at 20:49:31 on December 2, 2012 by SimonLeper

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