Still sober...
By g1rlie
8/31/2012 3:46:13 PM
Or am I dry drunk? Not even sure what that is, so if anyone knows, please tell me.

Husband is so mad at me. He knows I've had further involvement with Greg. But I am extra done with Greg's sorry @$$. And he is so very mad at me because of how I broke up with him. He's sent me many angry emails. And I don't care if he's mad. I kind of even find it a little bit funny, maybe because I am just plain wrong. :)

But it's hard. Feels like I am gonna die of horniness.

Talked to my new bishop on Sunday. It sounds like I'll have to go before a council. Argh. Boo. Oh, well. He is also getting me counseling at LDS family services. I hope that helps.

Ugh. Why did I waste so much time and so much love on such a creepy, creepy man? Wish I could get that back. Boo.


"You make me smile:-) Good job! So glad you are still on the wagon.

A dry drunk is someone who has given up the drug but still has the behaviors.

Give the hubby time.

Change the email address.


Love ya!"
posted at 23:37:27 on August 31, 2012 by siouxsie
sounds like progress    
"I'm super happy for you, because I KNOW there is light and happiness at the end of a very long tunnel. The light is Christ. Run to him."
posted at 09:02:05 on September 1, 2012 by beclean
We are all so proud of you    
"When I learned about your painful experiences as a child I felt for you and pray for your healing and happiness.

It takes courage to face your challenges head on and you are inspiring us all."
posted at 09:03:34 on September 1, 2012 by ruggaexpat
Thanks, everyone    
"Talked to my bishop last week. Talked to him some more this week. Can't take the sacrament yet. He gave me a bunch of reading assignments, told me to get some counsel ling, and told me to go to the LDS ARP meetings. I guess I'll try going to that, but I'm still going to SA."
posted at 17:13:00 on September 2, 2012 by g1rlie
Where are you?    
"If you don't want to answer that's fine... but I'm just wondering - are you in Utah? Or what state are you in? Womens meetings are starting to pop up all over so that could eventually be an option!"
posted at 21:02:43 on September 2, 2012 by siouxsie
"Yeah, I'm in Utah.

Heart still misses Greg. But I remember the sobriety tip: Remember HOW IT WAS. Your last drunk, the feelings, etc. Being with him felt like fireworks, but it also made my heart Die. Not going back that way again, there is only pain.

Downloaded some self-hypnosis things on getting over relationships. Hope that helps, also."
posted at 13:26:06 on September 3, 2012 by g1rlie
Are you in Utah County?    
"Are you in Utah County? If so I have resources for you."
posted at 22:54:13 on September 3, 2012 by siouxsie
"Nah, I'm in Salt Lake County."
posted at 07:21:35 on September 4, 2012 by g1rlie
Salt Lake    
"If you want to take this discussion private you can email me at But I know there are meetings for women up your way too, I've attended some of them. I can help you find them if you need help. I'd even be willing to go with you if you'd like a buddy to go with:-)"
posted at 22:26:20 on September 4, 2012 by siouxsie

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