More reasons.....
By Girlie
7/12/2012 8:50:46 AM
3 days. Gotta find a way to break up with him in 3 days. Gotta find a way to ask that one sneaky entrapment question that will REALLY help me find the will to break it off with him For Good.

Reason # 347 on why to break up with him: GM (Formerly known as "Lover") says: "This plane ticket is costing me over $1000 and we will be able to spend 3 hours together. So that's more than $300 an hour. Pretty good, right?" UGH!!!!!! What in the @#$%@#$% is this? You've got to be !@#$% kidding me. Thanks, GM, for letting me know how you REALLY feel. >:O

Reason # 348 on why to break up with him: This sex tape thing he seems to keep talking about is really freaking me out. GM keeps saying, "I don't know why I want to do this. Maybe because you live so far away. I've never been like this before." I believe GM sits on a throne of lies.

Reason # 349 on why to break up with him: I'm feeling really uncomfortable about this thing he has about taking pictures. He says he deleted the ones he took previously because I asked him to delete them. I don't know if he actually did. But he wants more pictures. Boo. Note to self: He's not interested in pictures of me fully clothed at all. He's told you this before. This points to him being interested in only one thing from you--even though he says otherwise.

Ug. Sadly, sex with him feels like fireworks or something. And, unfortunately for me, I am still very much in love with him. I so need to find the will to break it off with him.

Wishing I could run away to Africa (or maybe somewhere a lot more tropical) like Dave Chappelle did when the producers of his show wanted him to wear a dress.

Note to self: You do not owe GM any explanation on why you are breaking up with him. In fact, you don't even need to tell him you're breaking up with him.


"If you break up with me, I will put your pictures and videos all over the internet. I will send them to your husband and kids (or just let them find them on the internet).


This guy doesn't love you one iota. Like Lucifer, he is using you for his own purposes.

I loved your last sentence. You don't have to tell him you're breaking up...just smash the phone, erase the computer evidence and email address, and never talk to him again. Talking to him gives him the chance to talk you out of it.

We have all made some dumb mistakes. Posing for pictures or videos is one we cannot reverse. The only way to "fix" this one is to
1) never do it again
2) come completely clean with our spouse--tell them about it before they discover it
3) be prepared to explain to your kids that you made a dumb, irreversible mistake"
posted at 12:14:33 on July 12, 2012 by beclean
Yeah, I figure that...    
"He tells me he has feelings for me, but I don't believe him. Ever. I've told him that I don't believe him. It's pretty obvious to me that he is just using me because when I break up with him, he gives me the most lame "positive" reason for our affair. This reason is, "Well, at least now we know that we are very sexually compatible. If we wouldn't have done these things, we wouldn't have known." I've repeatedly told him that it was not worth it. And I figure if he actually did care about me, he wouldn't have pressured me so much into sleeping with him, and he would have respected my marriage. But, he doesn't respect marriage. He didn't respect his own. This is why his wife left him 3 years ago. He slept with a different married woman (I know her). Why? He told me just because he wondered if he could.

It's REALLY dumb that I have feelings for him. But I do. It is REALLY lame that I'm addicted to him and to his sex and that I've had a hard time leaving this situation. But this is how it's been for me. It makes zero sense."
posted at 13:44:50 on July 12, 2012 by Girlie
agreed. you dont own him    
"Once he has pics or video, you are blackmail bait.

If he paid 1000 for a ticket, he got a refundable ticket. Not that it matters.

He is disrespecting you.

What are you worth to yourself?"
posted at 18:40:41 on July 12, 2012 by Anonymous
The excuses I tell myself:    
"Half truth/excuse: He promised to give me inappropriate pictures of himself (I would keep these in my toolbox at work). I'd feel safer this way in light of the fact that he has taken pictures of me.

Truth: I badly want to see him."
posted at 19:22:54 on July 12, 2012 by Girlie
Yeah, I know it's not worth it.....    
"I realize the personal price I pay every time I see him. It's not worth it. Why do I keep coming back for more? :"(

I know that I am of infinite worth to God.

How can I stop? How can I stop myself?

It's like I can See what the situation is, but I don't want to believe. It's like I don't want my illusion destroyed, even though I realize it is just an illusion. Stuck in the matrix. I really want to take the blue pill, wake up in my bed, and forget I ever saw the reality outside the matrix.

(not that it matters, but....) If it is a last minute plane ticket, which it is, is it still refundable? Ah, Google. Google has the answer to many of life's questions.... Normally the tickets cost 600. Hmmmm....If I tell him I can't see him and he does have a nonrefundable ticket, maybe he wouldn't want to see me again. Then again, I've gotten him to cancel other nonrefundable tickets and he keeps coming back for more. :"( *smh*

The really dumb thing is that I know from experience that afterward, I'll feel completely terrible about myself. I really know better at this point.

This is the most ridiculous situation ever. Sheesh.

(Note to self: I really would like to get my self respect back.)"
posted at 19:25:23 on July 12, 2012 by Girlie
Tell him to find himself a whore.    
"For $300 an hour, he should be able to find one. He treats you the same, but you deserve much better. He doesn't even pay you! You wouldn't be his whore if he paid you ... and you refuse to be used that way just because he pretends to love you. He's using you for sex. Shows you what he really thinks you are to him. Refuse to talk to him again.

You deserve better. Does your husband love you for who you are? Does he just want you for sex? Would he destroy your life for his own selfish desires? You deserve him.

Have you seen the movie Fireproof? Look it up.

Being an addict, I am all the terrible things I described above, but I'm also a child of God. He loves me, and he wants to give me everything -- including a happy family life. I just have to work for it."
posted at 21:08:46 on July 12, 2012 by Anonymous
In Lust with Him    
"Would be more like it. You are attracted to him and drawn to him in sin. That is not love, that is lust.

Love comes from Christ and is selfless
Lust comes from Satan and is selfish

He is telling you what exactly what he thinks of your relationship. He views you as his paid whore. He pays a lot of money to fly to you, so you better make it worth his time. Time iss money you know.

Pictures? He doesn't know why? huh?, Is he really that much of a scumbag, and are you really that gullible ? This is not gonna go well, and you cannot take it back. Delete, right. This is his fettish, can't you see.

Girlie, please ask to be released from your calling in Primary. you are not in a good place right now. It is the spirit that teaches and you are not able to access that while breaking sacred Temple covenants. Think about what you learn in the Temple. If you can't break up with this ya-hoo, than at least do the right thing and care enough about the Children in Primary.

Maybe it would be a good idea to seek help for you, and learn to love yourself. I could be helpful to search out why you have lost your self respect. You are filling some need and you may not know what it is yet. Something is missing. Prayers to you and your family."
posted at 01:27:12 on July 13, 2012 by Anonymous

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