Day 2 Update
By r2d2
5/4/2012 12:27:51 PM
So its Day 2 for me.
I went to a meeting last night and it really helped! So did the Priesthood Blessing I received yesterday.

Last night, I was reading in a really good book, called: "Putting on the Armor of God - How to win your battles with Satan" by Steven A. Cramer.

I think this book is really scary, because it is true! I'm only a convert to the church, but I really think its right (and not many know this stuff).

He basically says, that the 1/3 of the spirits in Heaven that were cast down, are here on Earth in spirit form, and are mad at us for having bodies, and being on the side of good. They are prisoners here, and have been here since they were cast down.
They were trained by the Father of Lies, and are under his control. They HATE US.

And they know every trick in the book. They have used it millions of times on the souls here, over and over again. They know how to manipulate us to not even know that we are walking on the dark side.

We are outnumbered up to: 8 to 1 at anytime. That means 8 evil spirits are whispering in our ears, ALL THE TIME. They are the ones who want us to be addicted so that they can laugh, and mock us, and continually tell us that we are unworthy, and we might as well stay screwed up and just have another beer.

BUT- Heavenly Father gave us the power to cast away these bad spirits, and their leader; Satan. We have the power to do it. We just need to know how to use that power.

The manual for learning to use this power is in the LDS Gospel.

This book really gives some insight on how to Battle Satan and his demons and WIN!
I have his other book, Conquering Your Own Goliaths.

The author has been where we are, or have been. And he's overcome and is doing well in the church now.

I just wanted to share this little bit of info.
I am feeling strong today, and I pray, that when Satan temps me in a few hours, that I'll know how to fight back.

Hope you all have a Good Friday!


"Hey, it sounds like you're going in a positive way, R2D2. Keep it up! And thanks for the great reading recommendations. Say hi to C3PO for me, will ya?"
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General Conference, April 2002