The Parable of the Cow Pie
By fatherofone
4/10/2012 12:31:49 AM
I thought that everybody here may enjoy a bit of a story that a teacher/friend told me that has helped me understand the reality of why Satan is so good at getting us to dwell on our addictions instead of the Saviour and his Atonement. You'll have to pardon the slight toilet humor, but I live on the prairies and cow pies are a part of life out here. :)

Imagine you're walking through a field in the prairies toward a beautiful temple. It has been a hard day's walk, but you can see the temple now. Suddenly, you hear a squishing sound and a nasty smell fills your nose. You look down and realize you have stepped in an enormous, fresh, nasty cow pie. Eww...gross.

What do you do?

Maybe you stop your hike, stare at it, inspecting the particles in it. You really examine it, determined to appreciate this cow pie for what it really is. Maybe you smell it a little bit, telling yourself how disgusting it is. Or maybe you tell yourself how stupid you must be for stepping in it in the first place.

No, that's not what you'd do if you stepped in cow pie. I'll tell you what you do. You shun it like the nasty cow pie it is. You'd wipe your boot off, scrubbing your foot on the grass until it was clean. Then you would keep walking towards the temple. And when you get to the temple, your feet will be clean, and you will be able to enter.

I think I love this parable so much because it speaks to me on my level (not sure what that says about me, but hey...). Satan is going to grab us by the arm, pull us down toward the cow pie, and say "Hey, check out this cow pie you just stepped in!" or "Only idiots step in cow pies" or "Meh, just leave it on there. Cleaning that cow pie off is way too much work."

What we really need to do if we step in a cow pie is to scrub that foot off in the grass and keep walking. The blessings of the temple are just on the horizon, and the sooner we get there with clean feet, the better.

I hope this little parable helps you like it helps me. My prayers are with all of us. Let's keep strong!


Love this!    
"Thank you."
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thanks you!!!    
"Very good analogy!!"
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