The real Man
By Leo
3/17/2012 12:10:58 PM
Let me tell you the day's story of two men. Who is the real Man?

Today I woke up put on my DCU's, body armor, my full kit, 13 mags, med kit, light, kevlar, knife, boots... Checked the condition of my M4 and my 9mm. I loaded my go bag with an extra MRE, water, survival kit, local money... Our mission today was to escort a convoy from one city to the next. I rode in the lead vehicle, back rear. The armor on the vehicle makes it hard to see as I scan my sector... half way in our vehicle is hit by an IED... it flips twice, I cut my seatbelt loose and gather the essentials and get out... the blast has made me delirious as I struggle to figure out what is going on... All kinds of fire blasts, profanity, screaming, every where, I hear my squad leader tell me to start firing, I unload a mag.. combat reload to the next... We secure the building to our rear, as I head up the stairs I get shot in the leg, quickly I apply a tourniquet, stop the bleeding... 30 minutes later the helos come in, I get a medevac...blood soaked pants cut right off, a few shots, drugs knock me out... the next day I get up, ready for the next mission.

Today I woke up early, at 4 am to skype with my wife before she goes to bed, she is 6 hours behind me in the US while I have been traveling in the middle east for work for a few weeks now, after praying with her I kneel by my bed for morning prayers, read a chapter in the book of mormon... next I head to breakfast and kindly tell the waiter I do not want any tea or coffee, get a weird look, sit in the non-smoking section, a few colleagues finally join me, conversing about how drunk they got last night or the random girl they met, I politely change the conversation... we get into the car, no english radio stations so my co-worker turns on his IPOD with vulgar and immoral music, I sing primary songs in my head... once at work I routinely zone out as immoral jokes are shared, comments about every passing female, trying to focus on my family or the scripture I read that morning... we get done early and head to the cafeteria, everyone orders a beer, I drink water... on the way home everyone agrees to go out to the club tonight for dinner, I contemplate and think maybe it won't be too bad, anyways I need to babysit them... dinner was great, me and my peanut butter (been carrying it the whole trip) and jam ( I steal a little sample jar from breakfast every morning) in my hotel room... I turn on the T.V. changing to the only 5 english channels, the rest Arabic, movie channels, not sure the movies on, one is very voilent, one devilish, one with nudity, one weird... I decide to work out, go to the gym relieve some stress, on my way back through the lobby the usual Russian escorts walk in with a bunch of old men, dressed immodestly, I focus on their faces and tell myself they are daughters of God... back in my room I stay up late to talk to my wife and kids after they take naps, when I am done I check my email, I get a slight urge to checkout a website my co-worker was laughing about that shows all the famous actresses in little to no clothes... instead I watch the most recent mormon messages video, read an article in the ensign, read back through all the texts my wife sent me through out the day... exhausted I turn the computer off, move the remote control to the t.v. across the room so I won't be tempted to watch the midnight flick...and sleep for a few hours until I get up early to talk to my wife before she goes to bed... 2 months...a fight everyday... so worth it

I have the utmost respect for soldiers, people giving their lives for a better cause. What if I told you the soldier is a chain smoker, alcoholic, takes his porn movies on a hard drive everywhere he goes, cheats on his wife....

Since I was a child I wanted to be someone who saves lives, a soldier, a real hero. I am learning the true hero, the man, is someone who fights that spiritual battle everyday, is dedicated to his family, safeguards constantly against the advesary, and is much more difficult to do than anything else in life.


You are a hero    
"Thank you for your post. It is so uplifting. You are a hero! God bless you."
posted at 21:42:25 on March 17, 2012 by Anonymous
Way to go    
"I commend you for your courage & strength. Thank you for sharing."
posted at 05:56:57 on March 18, 2012 by ME
LEO, Are you the second man?    
"If so, do you know the first man? If You are not the second man, do you know him?

Are either of these men truly "real," or are they, as they say in the movie business, inspirational stories based on fictional characters...any similarities to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental?

I guess when I read your post, I got the feeling that the men were not really real people, but just invented to make us think and inspire us to be better. However, the responses of other readers have made me ask this question. If you are the second man, way to go!"
posted at 17:59:18 on March 18, 2012 by beclean
Who are the men    
"The first man is real stories of a few colleagues I have. The second is based off a trip i am currently on. 2 months traveling. It has taken time to get where I am, but I am very passionate about this whole spiritual battle and doing whatever it takes. I still have moments of weakness, but my desire to not give in is now more than ever greater than my desire to give in. The more I realize this is a life long battle, and I have to always safe guard myself and always be humble enough to allow Christ in, the more we can do this. As soon as I think I am over the addiction and let my guard down, that is the moment I fall.

I relate a lot with the military/law enforcement, choice of career. It is easy to apply all those wars and battles in the Book of Mormon.

Thanks for the comments."
posted at 08:41:28 on March 19, 2012 by Leo

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