3/13/2012 12:39:14 AM
I feel horrible. I was on day three of sobriety. I came down to read my scriptures and I got on my iPod and started looking up things that I shouldn't have. I don't understand why I have to go through this. I don't know why I can't stop falling into temptation. I can't even make it a week without messing up. I want to get back up and keeping going but what's the point if I'm just going to fall again. I don't like the roller coaster that this life is. I don't know why people want to be a teenager again. It sucks and I feel like its not going to get any better. Nothing is helping. I don't want these addictions anymore I feel so bad for the people who fall and struggle. I admire those people with will power, I am told I have some but I really dont


"How did your pornography use start, specifically?"
posted at 02:08:51 on March 13, 2012 by moroni
Don't give up    
"You are not pathetic. You are human. The only human that could overcome on their own was Jesus. And that is because he is God's Son.

I don't have enough will power but I've learned to let go and let God. I read in the Miracle of Forgiveness this quote from an older man to the youth, "Tell them to keep their lives so full of good works that there will be no room for evil." (pg 146)

I encourage you to fill your life with good things. I encourage you to talk to your priesthood leader, attend a support group, and read good literature. I recommend the scripture (of course), the ARP manual, the SA white book, and the Miracle of Forgiveness.

Don't let this addiction take over your life."
posted at 02:57:27 on March 13, 2012 by iamstrong

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"One of the false notions of our society is that we are victims of our appetites and passions. But the truth is that the body is controlled by the spirit which inhabits it."

— Terrance D. Olson

“Teaching Morality to Your Children,” Ensign, Mar. 1981