By man4healing
2/10/2012 4:24:30 AM
I just discovered this site a couple days ago, so this is my first post.

Currently I attend Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) and am finding it helpful. Even though these two ideas sound like trying to mix oil and water...I love God, my Father in Heaven, very much. My faith in him and testimony of him and his kingdom are strong. And, I am a sex addict. I have been addicted, mostly to masturbation and pornography, for over 15 years. I also have acted out sexually with other people (both men and women). I don't have a lot of sobriety right now (since coming into SA I achieved over 2 months sobriety, and then recently lost it twice).

I know that being in SA/12-Step is where I need to be right now (and perhaps for a very long time). I know I am "powerless" over lust and sex--also, I have a great deal of "baggage" from the past that I carry around with me (part of what is gone over in steps 4 through 7, the "character defects"). There is a LOT there, and I am working with my sponsor on it. It's going to be a long haul for sure.

I am realizing many things about my life, and how I have used this addiction as a cover-up from having to face the harshness of life for many years. I have resentments to work through.

It truly is ONE day at a time.


Are you in counseling?    
"I'm glad to see that you are working through the 12 step program. If you aren't in counseling, I would encourage you to find a counselor. There's probalby some underlying issues that need to be addressed in conjunction with working the steps. Best to you. Heavenly Father loves you and is aware of your struggles. Reach out to him."
posted at 09:01:17 on February 10, 2012 by Anonymous
Keep Coming Back!    
"It sounds like you're doing pretty good. Is 2 months a long stretch for you? I know the first time I was able to go 2 months was when I first started attending an SA group. After the first couple relapses I lost a lot of motivation and stopped going to group for a long time.

Now I'm back at group and working the steps. I've learned from examining my own experiences that I must have a sponsor, attend group, and work the steps if I want lasting sobriety. It's the only program that has ever worked for me.

I hope your recent relapses won't slow you down. The program works even when we relapse as long as we get back up and take things one day at a time. You're lucky to have a sponsor. Make sure you do everything you can to do what he asks you."
posted at 11:40:44 on February 10, 2012 by ETTE

Congratulation for make this important step, you have to be patient with your self, and recovery take time, you can learn from your past and adjust it."
posted at 00:41:41 on February 11, 2012 by mike81

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"The solution to this problem ultimately is neither governmental nor institutional. Nor is it a question of legality. It is a matter of individual choice and commitment. Agency must be understood. The importance of the will in making crucial choices must be known. Then steps toward relief can follow."

— Russell M. Nelson