Addict help please
By Getthrough
1/21/2012 7:34:55 PM
How do you admit that you're an addict Without feeling hopeless? I
Don't want to be hopeless but I don't want to pretend that I am fine and everything is good. Any help would be amazing. I am having a hard time.


"Why do you feel hopeless when you admit you are a powerless addict?

Are you forgetting who is on your team? The Creator of heaven and earth, God Almighty, the Savior of man, your Redeemer, your Brother, and your Eternal Father. How can you lose, when you ally yourself with them and turn yourself over to them?

I am an addict, and I am powerless on my own.

But with them, I can do anything, and I have done many good things. There is my hope."
posted at 20:49:23 on January 21, 2012 by BeClean
When you admit that you are an addict...    
"You admit that you have flaws. That you have weaknesses. That you aren't perfect. And I guess some people see that as being hopeless. But that makes me HOPEFUL! Because Christ died for the imperfect, the sinners, the flawed, the weak. And when you admit that, you are humble enough to accept the gift that Christ will give you. The gift of hope! You've got Jesus! He is unstoppable!"
posted at 21:46:52 on January 21, 2012 by iamstrong
"Thank you! It's just hard for me to talk about. I just feel like I am always going
To be in this cycle, I am always going to mess up- that is an addict to me. I am so grateful for both
Of your prespectives. THANK YOU!"
posted at 22:34:11 on January 21, 2012 by Getthrough
There is hope!    
"As I read your post, I thought of a scripture that has come to mean so much to me. It's Ether 12:27 which reads "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

I have feelings of hopelessness too when I think of myself as an addict. But this scripture in and of itself gives me so much hope, and I go back and read it when hopelessness settles in. Heavenly Father knew from the very beginning that we would not be able to exercise our agency perfectly at all times. Those feelings of hopelessness are not coming from Him; they are coming from Satan. If you're like me, sometimes it's hard to hear that, but I am learning little by little how true that is. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy! He wants us to use our life experiences as opportunities to grow and to become better people. Are you a little bit better person today than you were yesterday? If not, then you have some work to do. But just by the mere fact that you are on this site reaching out tells me that you are a little better today than you were yesterday; so, while the flesh may be weak, the Spirit is stronger. Keep moving forward, even if it is itsy bitsy steps. Just try to be a little better and if you can't actual do something better, just have the desire to be a little better. Alma 32 talks about faith and having just a desire and how that desire can be a seed that begins to grow. The same is true here.

I pray that the Lord will remove that hopelessness from your life. And it is OK that you feel that way, and you don't have to pretend like everything is OK. It's OK to be honest with your feelings. I know for me, that if I try to hide my true feelings, it just deepens my despair. Be honest in your feelings. Heavenly Father understands, and He already knows how you are feeling. If you don't feel like you can be honest with people that you can see and touch, then just pour your heart out to Him. It's amazing how much better I feel when I do that. Even if it is only short-lived, at least I was honest in how I felt and could feel some momentary relief.

The scriptures really do give me hope, and reading the talks of general authorities also brings me hope. A great one to start with is "Broken Things to Mend" by Jeffrey R. Holland. That is one of the most wonderful talks ever. I believe it will bring you much comfort.

Hang in there GETTHROUGH. You're going to be OK. Heavenly Father has you on His mind; He loves you and knows all too well your pain. He's reaching out to you with open arms. Feel of His love and be reminded that there is much to hope for.

God bless and comfort you in this difficult time."
posted at 21:20:01 on January 22, 2012 by want2change
Song to comfort you    
"I just saw this post, and I thought about you GETTHROUGH. I hope it gives you some hope. :)

"He'll Carry You" by Hilary Weeks
By needhelp38
11/8/2009 2:23:19 AM

He knows your heart
He knows your pain
He knows the strength it took just too simply breathe today
He sees the tears that you cry
He knows your soul is aching to know why
He hears your prayers each humble word
When you said you couldn’t face another day he understood
He knows the path that you will find
Though you felt alone he’s never left your side

He knew there’d be moments when no earthly words
Could take away your sorrow
And no human eyes could see what you’re going through
When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do
He will lift your heavy load and carry you

He’ll bring you peace and leave you hope
And in the darkest night he’ll comfort you
Until you know the sun will rise and each new day
You will have the strength to live again

And when there are moments when no earthly words
can take away your sorrow
And no human eyes could see what you’re going through
When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do
He will lift your heavy load and carry you

He hears you when you’re crying in the night
He hears you when your soul longs to find
Till the morning will come
And the light of the dawn reassures

That in the moments when no earthly words
can take away your sorrow
And no human eyes could see what you’re going through
When you’ve taken your last step and done all that you can do
He will lift your heavy load and carry you"
posted at 21:36:53 on January 22, 2012 by want2change

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