Why am I so weak?
By mike81
8/21/2011 3:20:25 PM
I wanted to share some of my feeling as I had my relapse this week, I was disappointed, a little bit angry and for a moment hopeless, of course and this is part of the step 2 and I'm working on it that God can restore to a complete spiritual health.

But i feel weak, and that I'm really powerless over this addiction, I'm not bad and I can say today that I did improve the way I view my self but there is so much to do and sometime I feel angry and want to give up but I know this is not the solution and i will keep working on my step, focus on my life.

Have a great sunday


Really powerless?    
"You are! That is what addiction is. You admit you are powerless then rely on God, and your Savior. Use the tools of recovery many have spoken about here. Good therapy, 12 steps group that holds you accountable, sponsor, spiritual leader, prayer, scriptures! Recovery ia work! There is nothing passive about recovery. It takes constant vigilance. You can do it!"
posted at 15:49:23 on August 21, 2011 by Hero
Ether 12:27    
"It's a commonly cited scripture, but through Christ our weak things become strong.

Also, your strength is only one part of what leads you to slip. Your surroundings, friends, people, surroundings, mood, and things around you can also either facilitate or prevent a slip up. Try looking at what led you to do slip up and avoid those in the future."
posted at 17:07:24 on August 21, 2011 by BrainGeek
thank you    
"yes i know and all the tools I have are great and maybe it is the way it should be and as my sponsor wrote me yesterday, we are weak but not the lord and I should focus on him and how surrender only one day at a time and not more."
posted at 02:21:00 on August 22, 2011 by mike81

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