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By nickwyo
7/14/2011 11:36:53 AM
"Don’t live your life in despair, feeling sorry for yourself because of the mistakes you have made. Let the sunshine in by doing the right things—now. It may be difficult to begin, but pick up the scriptures and immerse yourself in them. Look for favorite passages. Lean on the Master’s teachings, on His servants’ testimonies. Refresh your parched soul with the word of God. The scriptures will give you comfort and the strength to overcome. "

I have lived a great portion of my life feeling guilty......beating myself up for the things I've done. I'm not proud of them and they cause me great anxiety. I've paid the price and I am paying it now. This quote is powerful, and I find comfort in it....yet the feelings persist. They are not as strong as they were 533 days ago, but they're still there. How can I let go? Head, heart and hand are not in sync.......I can intellectually grasp it, I can (and am not) not drink, but the heart portion of the equation has been the most difficult......I so often feel like I'm not worthy of anything.......and it causes me great pain. Being alone also doesn't help.....thankfully this is a place to reach out......I don't do meetings well at all......the guilt consumes me and I stress out over it. I hear the words and understand the concept, but my emotion gets the better part of me and the guilt gets overpowering.


Do not let it define you!    
"I love the thought! My sins, my trials, my mistakes, my disappointments, my injustices, my insecurities, my sorrows, my miseries, my hurts, my broken heart, ............ these do not define me, unless I let them. I can give all of that to my Savior, He paid the price for me and you. He is just waiting for you to lay it at his feet. It sounds like you are ready to be through with it all. You have hung on long enough. He is there just waiting to take your backpack for you. Hoping you will give it to Him. You do not have to struggle any longer.

Write you torments down on a piece of paper and put them in a box or a backpack and then give that to your Savior, Jesus Christ. Remember to say Thank You! You have to give him all the pieces of that heart and tell him what they represent, each and every little piece of that crumbled heart.

Then He knows how to put the pieces back together.. He already knows He was the engineer on the project, but He is required to wait for you to tell Him and ask Him....

You are a Son of God! You are Deity! Remember that....."
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"Now, my brothers and sisters, let not Jesus’ redemption for us stop at the immortalizing dimension of the Atonement, “the loosing of the bands of death”. Let us grasp the proffered gift of eternal life! We will end up either choosing Christ’s manner of living or His manner of suffering! It is either “suffer even as I”, or overcome “even as [He] … overcame”. His beckoning command is to become “even as I am”. The spiritually settled accept that invitation, and “through the atonement of Christ,” they become and overcome! "

— Neal A. Maxwell

General Conference May 1987