Getting along
By jdean88
4/10/2011 3:29:21 PM
Well, I'm feeling ok. I have now felt a lot better about my temptations. I feel a change in attitude and desires which makes temptations a little easier. I am now 51 days sober from MB (I had a porn slip one of those days, but haven't gone back). I don't feel that good just because even w/ all the effort and doing a lot better, I'm still separated from my family. I've felt down lately even though I have had the opportunity to feel the spirit...just feel like I'm in a rut...trunky I guess. I hope to be at day 81 before I see my family. How do ya'll get out of a rut?


More sleep and a spiritual experience    
"Well, I've tried keeping myself occupied and sleeping more! It's worked for the most part...but then I have those nights where I just can't sleep. Yesterday was great, but after not sleeping well...I feel not so good today. I have been trying to humble myself and give up my desires to God. I recently attended a meeting w/ Elder Holland. It was a great meeting. He talked about the importance of "submitting to God". He talked about how Christ didn't want to partake of the bitter cup, but he gave up His will and submitted to God completely. We've got to do the same. Elder Holland also commented on Mosiah 3:19. He said that man is an enemy to God. Someday when we meet God, will God say, "You are my enemy." Or for other it might be "I never knew you" or "You never knew me." I realize that the price to know God is being willing to sacrifice and give up your own will and desires in order to know God. We cannot be sanctified and truly 'know' him until we do so. I've thought about this a lot. After I got back from the talk I opened my recovery manual...I was on the last page of step 3, Mosiah 3:19 and the words of Elder Holland echoed in my mind, "I don't know why I'm talking about this tonight, but someone here needs to hear it."

I am that someone. It is so special that the Lord would love me so much to inspire His apostle to tell me the words that I needed to hear at the time when I was seeking guidance through the 12 steps. I know that the Lord loves us and He so wants to bless us if we would just be willing to give up our will and submit ourself over to God. I am willing to let my will be swallowed up in the will of the Father. I will continue to be strong. I know the Lord has strengthened me and as long as I seek will continue to grow."
posted at 13:34:45 on April 14, 2011 by jdean88
The Scriptures    
"Without a doubt, the scriptures comfort and uplift me every time I read them. I make it a point to seek them first in my daily activities and to keep reading and studying until I feel the Spirit, so that I can start my day with that assistance, which is something I so desperately need.

I've also read a lot of other books that have helped to change my attitude about myself. One that gave me a huge boost to my self-worth is called "Defined By Christ." I can't remember the author's name, but it is amazingly positive and uplifting and I would recommend reading that for a healthy boost.

I think exercising would be good too. I'm not very good at it, but when I do get out and get moving, I feel much better about myself. Staying holed up in a room all day is not healthy or helpful to our spiritual well-being. Get out in the sun. Find something you can enjoy doing outside."
posted at 19:09:06 on April 18, 2011 by jjdanomaly

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"Are you battling a demon of addiction—tobacco or drugs, or the pernicious contemporary plague of ography? Whatever other steps you may need to take to resolve these concerns, come first to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Trust in heaven’s promises. In that regard Alma's testimony is my testimony: "I do know," he says, "that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions."

— Jeffrey R. Holland

General Conference, April 2006